Ghanesh interviews "Free-Range Intellectual" Damien Broderick

Sometime between June 8th & 12th, 2000, my friend the God Ghanesh interviewed "free-range intellectual" Damien Broderick in the back yard of his home in Australia. Broderick is clearly a thoughtful & tolerant man w/ a sense of humor b/c he managed to express his ideas clearly & politely despite the deliberate disruptive silliness of the interview technique. W/ the assistance of another Australia-based "free-range intellectual", Warren Burt, we'd phoned Broderick & asked if we might be allowed to interview him & he consented in a gracious & friendly manner despite his not knowing us. I, as the translator for Ghanesh, wd interpolate 'random' sound effects from time-to-time from tapes that I cd manipulate by a "Player Belt" that I had strapped around my waist. This, & any other footage of mine from Australia & Malaysia to date, is also in some form or another in my longest movie: "Don't Walk Backwards" (8:24:43) - a collaboration w/ etta cetera that I've long since finished but that's never been screened b/c of its massiveness. Perhaps I'll make it shorter someday but that's not likely. As such, I leak excerpts from it here. - March 18, 2010 notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

[Some of the interviews I've conducted have been audio recorded & transcribed for print. Others have been video recorded & incorporated into a movie &/or been uploaded to my "onesownthoughts" YouTube channel. It seems appropriate to make a link to these latter also available through these "Interviewer" & "Interviewee" webpages. Clicking on the interview title should link to the YouTube movie. - August 25, 2014 note from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE]

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