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"DiVenti": If you can manage it, I highly recommend being able to live long enough to be able to reflect on decades of your life. I 1st met Tommy DiVenti around 1977 in Baltimore. Tommy & our mutual friend Billy Moriarity were exploring performance poetry, they were against academic poetry & had a raw, aggressive, somewhat shocking style that appealed to me. Along with David Franks, CoAccident, & myself, Bill & Tom were pushing the boundaries the hardest. Most of the other writers around town were content with presenting their poetry in a very straightforward way. Tom & Bill went on to found Da Moronics in 1977, one of Baltimore's 1st punk bands. Tom also founded the Apathy Project, a gallery/performance space, &, in the 1980s, Apathy Press - which published, amongst many other things, the 1st edition of my book entitled "How to Write a Resumé: Volume II: Making a Good First Impression" (1989).

Tom spent most of the 1990s in NYC, breezed briefly through California, & returned to his native Baltimore for the 2000s. From 1989 he's had a band under his band-leader name of T. T. Tucker. In general, Tom's led an anarchistic life, full of recklessness & counterbalanced by thoughtfulness. In the long run he's a nice guy more capable of honesty than most. May he enjoy an even longer run. - May 4, 2017 notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

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