Monte con o sin safos Rides Again

- Frick Park, Pittsburgh, US@ - August, 2016


"Monte con o sin safos Rides Again": Since the late 1970s, in Neoism, there've been collective identity names used: the 1st of which was "Monty Cantsin". In November of 2015, one of the Monty Cantsins visited me in Pittsburgh & I made a documentary about the things we did while he was here. That was entitled "Monty Cantsin Rides Again". That can be witnessed on the Internet Archive here: . I ended the title with "Rides Again" to show that such a movie is part of a serial. Imagine Charlie Chan movies in which different actors portray the same character - now imagine that in 'real' life. THEN, for the 1st 2 weeks of August, 2016, another Monty Cantsin came to visit - this time using a variation name of "Monte con o sin safos". Again, I made a documentary about the visit, w/ Monte doing most of the camerawork documenting his daily life here, & called it "Monte con o sin safos Rides Again" as an obvious additional chapter in the series. Monte's footage was mostly un-named except with auromatic numerical file names that were often confusing for various reasons. There were also, apparently due to app characteristics, multiple files of approximately the same footage - say a still + a :03 movie with the still & the moment surrounding its taking. This resulted in many hundreds of redundant files that took an intense amount of concentration for me to slog through. Combined with that, I decided to use a new version of Final Cut Pro to edit with - something I had to teach myself to use. Given that I'm a highly experienced editor with ± 40 years of practice, this didn't turn out to be so hard but it did add another obstacle to the production. Various system crashes made matters worse. This particular incarnation of Monty/Monte is a work-out enthusiast - something I've had more or less no interest in. That added another challenge to the editing for me. In the end, I feel like "Monte con o sin safos Rides Again" is a fair & accurate portrayal of its subject - as well as something that adds further insight into just who Monty Cantsin IS. - March 26, 2017 notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

[Some of the interviews I've conducted have been audio recorded & transcribed for print. Others have been video recorded & incorporated into a movie &/or been uploaded to my "onesownthoughts" YouTube channel or the Internet Archive. It seems appropriate to make a link to these latter also available through these "Interviewer" & "Interviewee" webpages. Clicking on the interview title should link to the oneownthoughts movie. - May 8, 2017 note from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE]

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