1987.09 Four Ultimatum II festival participants interviewed on the radio in Montréal

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[interviewee's note: I've uploaded almost all of the audio recordings I have in my archive of my radio appearances to the Internet Archive. Many of these have interviews w/ me. In this case, the people interviewed are 4 participants in Alan Lord's "Ultimatum II" performance festival in Montréal in September, 1987. This was a great, & very ambitious, festival marred, alas, by many or most of the participants not getting paid. Nonetheless, my "Generic As-Beenism" was well-received & it was one of the few times when I felt that a performance of mine was 'popular' (despite one of the staff members trying to stop the performance by throwing away the slides for it). The participants in order of appearance are: Jean-Luc Bonspiel, Gordon W. Zealot, myself, & Jack Five - September 4, 2014 notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE]

Laura Trussell wearing the motorized wings while revealing tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's new 3D brain tattoo simultaneously with triple projections as part of "Generic As-Beenism" performed Sunday, September 13, 1987 as part of Ultimatum II




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