018 - A Year of Sundays - Volunteers Collective

- $6.00 - (74 minutes)


Subject: [phiba-improv] A Year of Sundays

Remember that old show "Daktari" about the jungle veterinarian? And the opening credits had lions and orangutans and stuff running around, and then there'd be a snarl or a rattle and they'd sing "Daktariii-iii!"

Here is a review of the most recent tape I received from the PhiBaPaDC area. It is Widemouth Tape #18, "A Year of Sundays" by Volunteers Collective.

Side A of this tape contains 12 performances from Pennsylvania locations (Pittsburgh, Pottstown, and Bally). Side B contains remixes of the 12 performances, with 2 additional performances from Baltimore.

I have tried to avoid studying the liner notes, because when I first played the tape I was delighted by the variety of music and I still want to keep that feeling of mystery. Listening to this tape is like listening to the world's coolest radio station--each song is completely different, with different instrumentation and a different feel.

The songs were recorded in a variety of locations, and that also gives the feeling that you're listening to a dozen completely different groups, rather than 12 projects led by the same people. Sometimes you will hear lots of birds squawking, or a building blowing up, or idle conversation, or an insistent doorbell. One of the tracks is supposedly of floor refinishing, although I haven't been able to pin that one down.

This tape has no fear of silence. There are plenty of pauses, which is why I could never be sure if it was a new group playing or the current group was just taking a breather. Because the tracks don't have well-defined beginnings and endings, it's easy to let this fade into the background for a while, until some loud noise grabs your attention again. It flows beautifully.

If you are in the mood to trade tapes, I would recommend that you e-mail anon@fyi.net and try to get him to trade you this one.

(If you are in the mood to trade for "The Fourteen Points," e-mail me.)

I am, my dear Sirs,

Your much obliged friend,

And faithful humble servant,

Michael Benedetti

Mount Laurel, April 22, 1798


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