8624 - Laughingstock

- Stephens; Vonna-Michel; HOPCAS (Hopkins Conceptual Art Society); tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE; cheek; Hypercleats; YZ; the Tinklers; Whitehead; Litvinov; Impossible Theater - $6.00 - (90 minutes)



From: "Option" #C(to the 2nd power) - us@

LAUGHINGSTOCK I get a lot of weird stuff in the mail and have to say that Widemouth is definitely...out there. I read the catalog three times and still couldn't figure out what the tapes were about. Played the tape they sent. Severe art damage. All you interplanetary undergroundlings should probably get on their mailing list. - Bob Morris


From: "Factsheet Five" #31 - us@

Various Artists, "Laughingstock": All manner of strange experimental stuff here. It starts off with Chuck Stephens' "Irving Dervish": Disney cartoon music done by malevolent child-hating dwarves on crack. Later on we get 2 minuts of Janor Hypercleats rants, a clarinet version of the Woody Woodpecker theme from Kevin Whitehead, and a multiple voice spoken piece called "Three Voice Ventriloquism" -- and that's less than half the tracks here. A sideways slice through experimental cassette culture. (T/MG)


From: "Sound Choice" #3 - us@

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Laughingstock (C-90) This compilation documenting the Baltimore underground [actually, the selections are from Baltimore, London, & Little Rock] offers a mixed bag of music, sound text pieces, and found sound collages. Laughingstock's motto is "shot through the heart of comedy, torn in with the digital necessity of time." Many of the selections reflect this sense of whimsy. Industrial textures prevail [remember the days when anything even remotely involving electronics suddenly became associated w/ the "Industrial" trend? Ho hum], and the sound quality is deliberately crude to reinforce the point. Speakers deliver cryptic recitations to the accompaniment of hugely distorted roars and rumblings; unfortunately their words often disappear in the murk. One notable exception, "Compliments to Vesna," is a taped collection of compliments which humorously points up the inanity of praise. The most fully realized piece here is Impossible Theater's "Three Voice Ventriloquism," an ingenuous examination of the relationship between ventriloquist, dummy, and audience, flawed only by a pedestrial score which fails to utilize the resources of the Synclavier digital synthesizer on which it is performed. Instrumental selections include a lugubrious saxophone [clarinet] rendition of the Woody Woodpecker theme and a tune which sounds like neg-Romper Room music. Although details about the artists are a bit sketchy, Laughingstock provides a good overview of a certain element of Baltimore's subculture. [see 1st note]


From: "Free Media Awareness" - preprint 3 - us@

WIDEMOUTH CASSETTE TAPES: "LAUGHINGSTOCK" This compilation of toy instrumentals, sound poetry and effects is one of a handful of taped products that reaches with vengeance toward the full, fuzzy potential of the medium, grabs words, shakes social relations, and delivers a body of sound demanding to be received solely for what it is - period, buzz cut.


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