K7D - Widemouth Sampler

(selections from the 26 tapes of the Widemouth series - lavishly packaged with all of the inserts from all of the tapes excerpted from + more..)

- $6.00 - (90 minutes)


From: "Factsheet Five" #32 - early '90 - us@

Various Artists, "Widemouth Sampler" A bargain introduction to the world of curious sounds available from Widemouth. It features 31 selections from 26 tapes, moving from the rather clipped language poetry that started it off to the assaults of Doktors for Wotan and the mania of tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE. Includes copies of the liner notes for each of the tapes excerpted. Definitely something to get if the boundaries of language and performance excite you. (T/MG)


From: "Gajoob" #5 - early '90 - us@

From: Agog's Readers' Choice Tapes

Widemouth Sampler - Various Artists

Received this tape not so long ago so it's still just settling into my brain. Lots of people on this. Sound poetry to free improvised instrumentals and more. Very eclectic. I think this is a 90-minute compilation and it is one of the few that holds my interest all the way through.


From: "Retrofuturism" 13 - July 1990 - us@

Widémouth Tapes

K7D: The Widemouth Sampler-A cassette retrospective of the Widemouth Tapes project, it includes a booklet full of documentation, from which is excerpted the following:


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