K7E - Concrete Mixing - Karen Eliot - $6.00 - (90 minutes)


From: "Photostatic" #37 / "Retrofuturism" #10 - us@

Concrete Mixing by Karen Eliot. C90 - A documentation of a performance held on the closing night of Eliot's Paracultural Exhibition. It's quite impossible to tell what's going on here: one can hear strident room noise, and amplified voice uttering a syllable here and there, radio music from the early 70s, wails and drones. -ld


From: "Factsheet Five" #32 - fall '89 - us@

KAREN ELIOT, "Paracultural Exhibition" [wrong title - but close enough] A performance piece, actually featuring three to five Karen Eliots, using a wide variety of instrumentation. The basic piece is structured around synthesizer and tape loops [nope], with booming readings over the top. But there are also credits to various percussion sources as well as the mysterious "blatnerphone". A hard to penetrate selection which sounds awesome to have witnessed. (T/MG)


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