K7F - 2nd Meeting of the Cobbley World Fellowship

- $6.00 - (60 minutes)


From: "Stick It In Your Ear" - mid '90

- Southampton, "Great" Britain

K7F-"THE SECOND MEETING OF THE COBBLEY WORLD FELLOWSHIP" available from Widemouth Tapes. C60. The ghost, or at least the spirit, of Henry Cow, Fred Frith, & The Art Bears lives within K7F. Their cross referencing of electronic, percussive & the avant-garde musics provide a strong, highly individualistic approach. Indeed, it's a tradition which has been mainly based, until now, within a European framework. So it's all-the-more astonishing to find this American 'band' adventuring along similar routes. Bizarre, entertaining & stimulating.


From: "Retrofuturism" 13 - July 1990 - us@

K7F: The Second Meeting Of The Cobbley World Fellowship-Abysmally recorded noise soup, this cassette documents the sounds made by this "World Fellowship"'s second meeting.


[It's interesting to me to contrast the above 2 reviews. The 1st mentions nothing about the quality of the recording being bad - let alone "abysmal" (as the 2nd review calls it). The 1st even implies a highly articulated playing along the lines of some very competent & acclaimed musicians. The 2nd calls it "noise soup" & then just rephrases the title as if it's a review! What neither mention (probably because they didn't know & it isn't mentioned in the packaging) is that 2 of the players, Joseph Hammer & Rick Potts, were prime movers in the L.A.F.M.S. (Los Angeles Free Music Society) - a highly respected & widely published improvising group. It was, in fact, recorded in their studio in L.A.]


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