K7H+ - Official Tweedle Dum-Dee-Dee-Dum - $6.00 - (90 minutes)


From: "Dead Eyes Magazine" #7 - January '94? - us@


20 people perform crazy improv on this highly technical experimental tape. I can't go into all of it here, but check it out. Variations on a theme of variations. recommended.


From: "You Could Do Worse" #5 - fall '95 - us@


The "Official" group (an ever-changing collection of musicians who use a different name for each recording/performance) have documented the first phase of their development on this release. I've already had long debates with them about their work, and I'm sure this review will lead to another round of misgivings from them. That said, this group combines a lot of different ideologies and instruments (many of them self-designed) with a strange sense of humor. Their music often sounds loosely structured (or completely unstructured), but they actually use a series of signals and parameters to coordinate their interactions. They disagree with me when I say their work is self-indulgent, but considering the fact that this tape has 12 intros before the music even starts, I stand by my original opinion. Besides the pieces often wander around for long periods of time without ever finding a lucid focal point. This group is original and interesting, sometimes annoying, usually funny, sometimes stupid, and definitely self-indulgent. Let the letter writing begin...-Mike Hovancsek


tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE responds (unpublished)

[on May 7, 1996, I wrote to "You Could Do Worse" & suggested that a pet giraffe that could write intelligently in English would be a preferable substitute to Mike as the reviewer of the tapes that I was sending them. I never heard from them again & I don't know if the tapes were reviewed or if the magazine even continued to exist]

[the same day I wrote a similar letter to Mike. I never heard from him again either]


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