K7H - Sinnit-Nut Hollow Earth Symposium - $6.00 - (60 minutes)


by Bruce A. Walton

Director of S.I.P.A.P.U.

(Society for the Investigation of

Paraspeleology, Abyssian Phenomenon, and the Underworld)



by Bruce A. Walton

Widémouth tapes does it again with their fascinating recording of the 1984 Simmit-Nut Hollow Earth Symposium, a 24-hour vigil which took place in (W?) Virginia's Sinnit-Nut cave system. The symposium was attended by a large number of the members of Baltimore's legendary BTOUC (Bal Tim Ore Underground Club). During the course of the symposium participants read from various classic Hollow Earth works, including JOURNEY TO THE EARTH'S INTERIOR; THE HOLLOW EARTH by Dr. Raymond Baernard and also material from SHAVERTRON magazine. Excerpts from an interview with world reknowned Hollow Earth investigator Dr. Paul Wilhelm, author of STRANGE CAVES AND THIS HOLLOW EARTH were premiered at the symposium by BTOUC's staff Hollow Earth investigator, Ted Lindner. Thrill to the excitement experienced by the participants as they listen to the strange tales of the mysterious world beneath our feet. The listener will feel as if he/she were actually in attendance, and will be convinced that when this 24-hour vigil came to its conclusion all participants in the symposium walked away thoroughly certain of the existence of the Hollow Earth. An earth-shaking experience, to say the least.


From: "Shavertron" #22 - us@

THE SINNIT-NUT MYSTERY - Reviewed by R. Toronto...

If you like reverb, if you can listen to the pounding notes of throbbing stalactites dubbed over with narrations and interviews by various and sundry characters from the abyssmal depths of Inner Earth escapades, then you'll love the Sinnit-Nut Mystery by Tentatively a Convenience. Yes, that's his name, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, and since we here in California tend to use first names in our well-known laid back fashion, we'll refer to him henceforth as just plain Tentatively.

Tentatively is a mail artist, among other things, who became interested in the Inner Earth side of life, as well as Shaver's Mystery. He boldly organized a cadre of hardy artistes to march with him to a real cave for an all night hollow earth symposium and recording session, just to create this tape. Better than Boxcar Willie, more enormous than Slim Whitman, more mind-wrenching than the Chipmunks disco album, the Sinnit-Nut Mystery cassette tape incorporates the latest in Inner Earth avant garde techniques to create a mind-blowing, nerve-shattering complex of sound (if you're listening), sight (if you're hallucinating), and texture (if you've blacked out and hit the floor) than any subworld cassette tape we have heard to date. Just listen to Tentatively's own description of this recording: "The basic materials for this final edit were assembled by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, into what was primarily the 'script master' and a 'music master'. the 'music master' was a 6 minute loop of stalactite and stalagmite playing from the symposium. these tapes were then mixed and altered by Bob Boilen at Startec Studio using an Electro-Harmonix 16 second digital delay, an Evantide clockworks harmonizer, a Lexicon 224 digital reverb, and a phase shifter."

Not for the squeamish, Tentatively deals not only with the heart of Inner Earth experiences, but the entrails as well. Sacrey stories are woven through the rich tapestry of sound, some of which even includes readings from a bygone issue of SHAVERTRON. If you want the truly unusual, absolutely off the wall, try Tentatively's latest triumph in sound. You'll have to write to him for a price; booklet with photos is included.


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