K7J+ - Official July 10, 1990ev,

Punch Night at the B Uhouse Trio - $6.00 - (90 minutes)


From: "File 13" #10 - January '91 - us@

Official JULY 10TH & 11TH 1990EV

Punch Night At The B Uhouse (cassette)

Crazy tape that I don't remember how I got, as they didn't put an address on the tape. (If you know these people, give them a copy of this review, huh?) Two live sets here that sound like random cacophony - honking, sawing, squawking noises from sax, violin, clarinet, voice, etc. - but are very cool once you pick up on what's going on. Apparently, the group was operating from a pre-determined script, as outlined in the notes. During the "two-note" section, the ensemble alternates on the same 2 notes for a spell; during the "description" section, the members suddenly begin describing what they see around them; "squeaky" uses various squeaky toys along with the other instruments; "mime pathos verbally articulated" is a description, in words, of what a mime might act out. "Alternating sound/silence" and "one note per breath" are pretty self-explanatory, and there are interludes of free-form noise in between. This tape is clever, fun, and is actually good listening - once you get used to the seemingly disjointed sounds. It must have been an even greater experience to have been there.


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