K7N - Norman Yeh - $6.00 - (90 minutes)


From: "Factsheet Five" #35 - spring '90 - us@

Norman Yeh, "K7N" Absolutely manic distorted and multiprocessed, speeded up and osterized classical music - or at least it was vaguely classical before Norman started working it over. The most memorable track is on Side A, where a violin speeds up and gets louder until it practically explodes your stereo speakers. Hard to breathe around this stuff. (T/MG)


From: "ND" #13 - early to mid '90 - us@

Norman Yeh "K7N" Collection of cuts from various comps. Lengthy pieces usually exploring one musical idea i.e., screeching violins, piano noodlings, etc., which creat interest for a while, but often meander.

[what a way to describe virtuosity!]


From: "Retrofuturism" 13 - July 1990 - us@

K7N by Norman Yeh-Part of this tape is squeaky nervous violin playing, no doubt irritating to some, but I found myself hanging onto it attentively. Maintaining the same level of energy throughout the 15-minute "Sonata #5 in 3 Movements for Solo Violin required some stamina. Side two attempts a similar thing with piano, but lacks the same level of energy. This is an interesting document of the work of an unusual performer.


From: "The Single Eye" #3 - fall '90 - Canada

Norman Yeh: K7N (Cassette)

This is one bewildering cassette. The tape consists of eight improvisational pieces that utilize (in different combinations) violin, synth, tapes, guitar and bass to create an edgy listening experience. At times almost (but not quite) pleasant, and at other points the sounds will make you feel that Norman is skinning you alive. (A.C.)


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