K7U+ - Neil Feather at BAUhouse July 19, '90 E.V.

- $6.00 - (90 minutes)


From: "Dead Eyes Magazine" #7 - January '94?


Live improv of Mr. Feathers homemade instruments. With all the talking going on it sounds like the music was therre for background purposes as the crowd meets and greets friends. Kinda sounds like when you shave your head and the electric razor tickles your ears, buzzing, tweeting sounds rattle and hum vibrations, very nice.


From: "Sonic Striations" #1 - summer '93 - us@

Neil Feather - At Bauhouse

7/19/90 Kind of a modern day equivalent to Harry Partch. feather builds his own instruments from scratch as well as adapting existing instruments to his uses. On this performance Feather uses nondo, contraption, hydroencephalophone (hobby horse head filled with water and played with clarinet mouthpiece), vibulum, former guitar and Bendy guitar. Side one is a long solo improv piece while side two contains a strange spoken piece with sparse instrumental backing by the Featherettes and another long solo piece. It would be interesting to hear Feather's instruments in ensemble form in a studio recording.


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