1985.06 Smile / Snarl / TRAX - Ponte Nossa, Italy - Vittore Baroni

The 9th International Neoist Apartment Festival took place in Ponte Nossa, Italy from June 1, 1985 to June 7, 1985. I didn't attend. As with the Neoist Training Camp in Würzburg in 1982, I couldn't afford to get to Europe. Monty Cantsin (Istvan Kantor) didn't attend either. It was the 1st, & possibly only, APT Fest that neither of us were at.

Another reason for my non-attendance was that I had begun to lose interest in Neoism as of the time of the 8th International Neoist Apartment Festival in London in 1984. I attended that one. While, in retrospect, I think that was an excellent time, at the time I felt that Neoism was losing something important.

While Neoism was still largely North American based, it had a conspiratorial philosophical/political undercurrent to me that made it truly a "Cultural Conspiracy" rather than just-another-art-movement. I wasn't interested in Neoism's being an Art Movement at all. My feeling was that in Europe there wasn't any aspiration for Neoism to be anything other than the newest art movement.

This was probably an exaggeration on my part. After all, people like Emilio Morandi & Vittore Baroni were involved with APT 9 & they were both veteran Mail Artists deeply imbued with a philosophy of international communication.

Nonetheless, at that time in my life, I was prone to moving onto, & engaging with, new interests with great rapidity. I had already felt like moving on from the 2 other major group projects I'd been involved with: for me, the Krononautic Organism had reached its peak with the March 9, 1982 Party for People from the Future & the Church of the SubGenius had started turning into entertainment in 1984 at its big San Francisco event.

Vittore Baroni published an assembling in connection with the 9th APT & a compilation cassette tape. I date it here as "1985.06" because that's when the APT Fest was but I, apparently, didn't get my copy of it until 1986 because in the package-in-a-plastic-bag whose image I present a scan of here there were 1986 products as well at the 1985 ones.




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