1991.04.20 SMILE, a hook is a hat - Kontanz, West Germany - Monty Cantsin (Florian Cramer)

For me, one of the things that's kept Neoism going as long as it has without being unduly pigeon-holed to the tomb of historification is the infusion of fresh ideas & energy rather than repetitions of canonic behavior. By 1984, I was already losing interest. That year, for me, marks the end of 'Phase I' of Neoism. 'Phase II' was largely revivified by Stewart Home. 'Phase III', for me, began with the dedicated & enthusiastic appearance of Florian Cramer in 1990. Florian is the main person responsible for bringing Neoism to the internet.

As he wrote to me, on April 20, 1991, from Constance, West Germany, "As an anachronism, all the more during the Art Strike, I have recently released SMILE, a hook is a hat as my first and probably last issue. The computer print included in this envelope is the "genuine" edition, whereas the illustrated one is just a parody produced on commercial purposes, to be distributed by mail order services, conforming to expectations of consumers interested in 'underground' aesthetics or whatever." As it turned out, this was far from Florian's last SMILE & I'm very glad for that!





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