Sentimental Journey

I'd contributed to 4 issues of a publication that I like before I presented this piece for publication. The editor had previously published something critical of Vaccine Passports so I hoped that he would accept this considerably more explicit critique of the Medical Industry. I knew he was what I call a "BELIEVER", someone who perceives the Medical Industry as largely for the good & who, therefore, goes along with measures that I, personally, find diabolically unhealthy. Alas, he rejected this piece on the grounds that he strongly disagreed with it & didn't want to be party to spreading its message. It's an interesting thing about these times (2020-2021) that differences of opinion about medical issues are no longer tolerated when they probably would've been a mere 3 years ago. To me, that's an indication of how deeply runs the mind control.

I called this "Sentimental Journey" because I see these statements as my "sentiments". Therefore, a movement through the texts is a "Sentimental Journey". I'm sure it's obvious that I chose the title because its usual implications have emotional overtones very contrary to the acerbic analysis that I present. As such, there's some humor intended.








- Pittsburgh, December 7 & 8, 2021E.V.




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