Wednesday, August 1, 2018: Glitterbox Theater (TRT: 2:14:00+) [doors open 8:00PM, show starts 8:30PM] sliding scale admission: 0 to $20 (be generous if you can afford it, get in for free if you're broke):

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE [IN PERSON FROM PITTSBURGH]: "Old School Futurism" (2012-2018) - 13:08 - On August 21, 2012, I shot my 1st HD footage using my iJones. This was hardly precocious of me, I had held off having a cell-phone until earlier that year but pay-phones had all but disappeared & cell-phones were too practical to dismiss any further. I didn't even use the camera at 1st. I shot footage at an Incline station in Pittsburgh, one of the only 2 left of the original 19. I admire the mechanics of the Incline & the fact that the 2 left are still running appeals to me. One of these 2 even allows access to seeing the inner works & that was mainly what I shot there. The pleasure I got from the usefullness of this by now 'antique' public transportation reminded me of the Futurist embracing of such technology when it came out. I've always had a deep enthusiasm for early avant-garde films such as Fernand Léger & Dudley Murphy's "Ballet Mechanique" (1924) (with input from Man Ray) & shooting the Incline footage led to my imagining using other footage of mine of machinery in action effected with more contemporary tools & with a chronologically ordered selection of soundtrack material from my aRCHIVE of such recordings. This, of course, enabled me to choose what I'd call "Futurist" - leading to the inclusion of Slonimsky's "Five Advertising Songs" & other things that might not ordinarily be considered such.

Florian Cramer [IN PERSON FROM ROTTERDAM]: "Neoist Exercise: Don't blink for the duration of one roll of 16mm film" (2011) - 2:47 - featuring Monty Cantsin/Istvan Kantor (16mm, screened as digital copy)

Florian Cramer [IN PERSON FROM ROTTERDAM]: "Pomona Science Fiction Club" (2011) - 6:39 - Super 8 footage by and about Ralph Delgado, founder of the Pomona Science Fiction Club Voice: Henk Bakker, Lab: Frank Bruinsma/Super 8 Reversal Labs

Florian Cramer [IN PERSON FROM ROTTERDAM]: "MILA" (2017) - 1:30 - 16mm b/w, featuring Mila Milan

Skizz Cyzyk: "Berg" (2014) - 2:55 - A Baltimore skyline changes over the course of a year. Between June of 2008 and June of 2009, 860 flip-phone camera photos were taken from the same spot, facing in the same direction, to capture the gradual demolition of a building. 2 photos were taken a few seconds apart in the morning, and 2 more were taken later in the afternoon or evening. Each photo used was converted to audio via image-synthesizing software. The images and their accompanying soundtracks were then lined-up, layered, and staggered, and then rapidly cut back and forth between, creating a kinetic audio/video timelapse.

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE [IN PERSON FROM PITTSBURGH]: "March, 2018" - 12:40 - I like to be productive. I decided that I'd shoot a short movie of me playing (M)Usic every day of 2018. At 1st, I was imagining playing a short piano solo everyday. This would stimulate me to practice more & challenge me to try to make the short solos very varied. Then I decided that it would be more fun to play different instruments. I collect instruments, getting them cheaply when I can find them. Some I get from thrift stores, yard sales, pawn shops. They're not always 'perfect': e.g.: a flute that 'needs' repadding. I've always had trouble playing flute & with leaky pads it's even worse. The violin I have is a 3/4 size one for a child. Otherwise, it's pretty nice. In some cases the instruments are given to me. I have an organ that was found at curbside waiting to be picked up as trash. The person who rescued it didn't really want it so I got it. It's amazing what great stuff one can accumulate in a society as rich & wasteful as this one if you're dedicated & patient. Some of the instruments were 'expensive' by my low standards but I was working when I bought them so I could afford them. As of 2018, I'm retired & living off such a small amount that there's not even enough to always pay the bills. Creating a project like this helps keep me busy when my lack of income might otherwise be overwhelmingly depressing. I look forward to each new day's scene. By March, I inevitably started making things more elaborate, with more lighting, more varied clothing, more complicated shots, etc. March was such a good month that it's hard for me to imagine upping the ante any more in April. I may slow down the pace again to pre-March standards. It's my intention to turn each month's worth of shots into a short movie, as I have here, & to link them all into a long feature after 2018's over.

Will Zavala [IN PERSON FROM PITTSBURGH]: "Commonfilm" (2017-2018) - ±8:00 - a cinematic treatment of ordinary life, in three parts.

Florian Cramer [IN PERSON FROM ROTTERDAM]: "Who's Afraid of Hans Clavin" (2014) - 2:50 - at De Player, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 7th 2014 - featuring the poets Hans Clavin and Gerrit Jan de Rook + Toine Klaassen, Peter Fengler, Jan van den Dobbelsteen, Danielle Lemaire & many others - Featuring the poems: "Five balloons" (GJ de Rook), "WHO'S AFRAID OF HANS CLAVIN?" (H Clavin), "horizontaal" (mute) (H Clavin), "A DADA" (H Clavin), "Il pleut" (H Clavin), "l'histoire de l'histoire" - with public - (H Clavin), "De Player" (H Clavin), "Mind your step" (H Clavin), "L'histoire se répète" (H Clavin), "kann ich viel (leicht) nur dichtend malen" (H Clavin)

Skizz Cyzyk: "Alfred Jarry & 'Pataphysics" (2013) - 2:00 - In this 2 minute animated documentary, an oral report on French writer, Alfred Jarry, is given stop-motion treatment with the help of talking t-shirts, flip book pages, and time-lapse lino-cut printing. Jarry is best known for his play, Ubu Roi, and his pseudo-science, 'Pataphysics.

ronnie s: "the twitter" (2017) - 17:24 - Main redline: there is a hero (a scarecrow) who is in love with a local girl (girl) but the parents (mother) object to their bonding. Their affairs are interrupted by a war, the war on birds. The girl waits and in the mean time the soldier befriends the enemy. He recognizes the variability of his acclaimed knowledge due to the plain ignorance and obedient but independent behavior in the bird (sparrow). His belief in truth (the good and the bad) is shattered. After his return from the field he does not know how to express the love he still feels for the girl he left behind and goes fishing instead with the sparrow (an allied war on fish). It is a rural affair and a never ending story. Moral: to achieve progress the circle should be broken and not fixed; the third way (the ugly one). - based on a Robert Walser story

Dick Turner [IN PERSON FROM PARIS]: "La Grosse Commission" (Shit Happens) (2013) - 44:55

- This "biological-philosophical" film tells the story of Gwen Boidelot who arrives in a city where everyone is obsessed with plumbing, food and excrement. In the bathroom of his hotel room  Brundieu finds something "impossible" that could only have been left by the previous client - the enigmatic Mr. Brundieu. But who is Brundieu?! And why does he provoke such fanatical reactions from those who have met him?  As Boidelot becomes more and more intrigued, he is confronted with an assortment of strange characters and unusual  situations that ultimately put his life in danger.

Thursday, August 2, 2018: Mini-Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers (TRT: 2:28:00+) [doors open 7:30PM, show starts 8:00PM] free (pot-luck welcome) In collaboration with Doc Salon:

Owen O'Toole (deceased) + others: "Filmers Almanac v(ideo)ersion #2" (1988) - 1:37: 18 - A collaborative project conceived of & assembled by Owen O'Toole. Starting possibly as early as 1986 & definitely no later than the beginning of 1987, Owen O'Toole solicited super-8mm filmmakers worldwide to pick a day in 1988 to shoot one roll of super-8 film. This film was then to be sent to Owen to be used as part of one long "Almanac" for the year. I was a participant as were 111 other filmers. Owen then gave live performances of the "Filmers Almanac" which involved multiple projectors, probably usually just 2, with one of the projectors on a Lazy Susan so he could easily move its projection from one side to the other or overtop of the fixed projection. He also improvised a soundtrack mixing various tapes, as well as the soundtrack on the films that had them. One of the tapes he used was one that I'd made, in conjunction with my collaborator John Berndt, using BBC Transitions & Cues sound-effects. In 1989, I was honored to receive a one-of-a-kind transfer to VHS of 50 of the Almanac films. This was only the 2nd transfer that Owen had made at that point. The filmmakers represented were Catherine Rebois; Gary Adelstein; Ar Garfield, Zoe Thurling; Zeno; Wayne Morris; Suzanne Grziwa (soundtrack by M. Geiss); Minoy; JG Morales; Joan Lobell, Michael Geiss; Cecile Fontaine; Bill White; Willie Varela; Pamela Nelson; Berserker; Michael Helsem (soundtrack by G. Adlestein); Anne Robertson; Laura Trussell; Mary Albrecht; George Hornbein (soundtrack by J. Liotta); Terry Pollack; Elizabeth Menetrey; John Gianvito; Patty Karl; RM Tariant; Tim Good; Ma[r?]ianne Usonov; Shigeru Nakayama; Jurgen Dohrn; Katherine St. Clair (soundtrack by Re Bossanova); Vivian Ostrovsky; Joseph Grossberg; tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE; C. Webber/D. Vaughan; Roberta Crown; Buz Blurr; Peter Clasen; John McClintock; Leela Wali; Philip Perkins; Barry Czawsa; Crag Hill; Jonathan Edelman (soundtrack by M. Cousineau); Suze Riddle; Schmelzdahin; J. Pierre Roy; Bruno Charpentier; Dahan Belle (soundtrack by Schmelzdahin); & Matthias Müller. In the letter that accompanied this VHS transfer, Owen encouraged me to "digitize it or yodelize it and send it out amongst yr own work". I hope you enjoy this ONE-OF-A-KIND TRANSFER. It has some 'adult' material so consider yourself forewarned. I've also added a few ephemera scans such as of the letter that accompanied the tape.

Dick Turner [IN PERSON FROM PARIS]: "Nature Morte avec des Oranges" (Still Life with Oranges) (2016) - 50:18 - In the near future everyone wears invisible chains; all are hypnotized by the seductive tinkling. Against all odds, a young girl decides to help an artist-alchemist to find "The Combination": the mystical sequence of actions that can change the order of things. But when the all-powerful Superior Chain Company becomes aware of their activity they stop at nothing to destroy their plans.

Friday, August 3, 2018: Glitterbox Theater (TRT: 2:07:00+) [doors open 8:00PM, show starts 8:30PM]sliding scale admission: 0 to $20 (be generous if you can afford it, get in for free if you're broke):

Skizz Cyzyk [IN PERSON FROM BALTIMORE]: "David Fair Is The King" (2016) - 7:30 - David Fair and his brother Jad co-founded the legendary, highly-influential, underground band, Half Japanese. Decades later, David is a retired Bookmobile librarian, spending his days frequenting thrift stores, making art and music, getting inventive with home decorating, and always looking on the bright side of things.

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE [IN PERSON FROM PITTSBURGH]: "Endangered Languages, Endangered Cultures, Endangered Ideas" - ±15:00 - Live performance of an opera in progress involving multiple projections & singing.

Florian Cramer [IN PERSON FROM ROTTERDAM]: "Upsetter" (2015) - 0:28 - featuring Lee 'Scratch' Perry (shot on 35mm stills film, screened from floppy disk)

Skizz Cyzyk [IN PERSON FROM BALTIMORE]: "ICEPICK TO THE MOON" (2018) - 1:44:00 - a documentary feature about Rev. Fred Lane and the Raudelunas arts community of Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the Seventies

Saturday, August 4, 2018: Babyland garage Afterbirth Party (TRT: 3:00:00+) [doors open 9:00PM, show starts 9:30PM] donations welcome (These people are coming from far & wide at their own expense - If we could get a grant we wouldn't be UNDERAPPRECIATED now would we?!):

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE (from Pittsburgh): "Karaoke Orgy" based on Dick Turner's song "Let's Have An Orgy". A version with vocal is UNLISTED here: https://youtu.be/jNGS8moOafE . Audience participatory.  (indefinite duration)

Go PillX (Skizz Cyzyk from Baltimore): https://youtu.be/5QR9kK6j5sI

Skizz ran a Microcinema Festival for about 10 years or so (±20:00)

Dick Turner (from Paris) Here's a music video of Dick Turner's band "Traditional Monsters" doing his song "Sawing Wood":  https://youtu.be/LYQjOfMGzjQ (±20:00)

dzum (from Rotterdam): Electronic soundscapes, dark drones, small acoustic instruments and pieces that almost sound like songs. dzum is a four-letter word, and dzum believes in the power of simplicity, of language, the voice and intuitive moves. (±20:00)

Quartet for the End of Time: An improvisation from the above 4 people: tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE: sampler; Skizz Cyzyk: electric ukelele; Dick Turner: trombone; dzum: electronics (±20:00)


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"Now what am I saying here? That I lump all these films together? High and low budget? That I find these types of films to be suspect or even worse, usually without any artistic or human value? That they are full of lies and misrepresent human reality? Well, yes, that's exactly what I am saying." - Dick Turner

(UPDATES appear at the bottom)

The dates & place(s) of the festival are now scheduled:

Wednesday, August 1, 2018, 9PM Screening START time

The Glitter Box Theater

460 Melwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Thursday, August 2, 2018, 8PM Screening START time

The Mini-Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers

477 Melwood Ave (upstairs), Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Friday, August 3, 2018, 9PM Screening START time

The Glitter Box Theater

460 Melwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Saturday, August 4, 2018, 9:30PM Afterbirth Party START time

Babyland Garage

460 Melwood Ave (rear entrance), Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

(doors will open a half hour earlier than start time)


Have you been making movies for at least 30 years without receiving much attention?

Do you have a large body of work that you don't get credit for?

Have you seen younger, richer friends of yours imitate you & go on to well-paying gigs at places where you're more likely to be confronted by security forces wondering why you're there?

Are you still controversial after decades of dedicated work?

Is it almost impossible for you to get a screening anywhere?!

Is your work almost never written about?!



The UNDERAPPRECIATED MOVIEMAKERS FESTIVAL is searching for YOU. There are NO ENTRY FEES, there are NO LENGTH LIMITS, there are HYPOTHETICALLY NO CONTENT RESTRICTIONS (although, c'mon people, this is the fucking 21st century, please leave your bigoted hate shit behind you - I don't want to support racists & nazis & genocide-mongerers, etc, in the name of free speech).

Write "tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE" at idioideo at gmail dot com & convince me that you fit the criteria. Then we can discuss your getting your materials to me.

I'm open to a wide variety of mediums but digital media that can be sent via the internet are easiest to deal with.

The provisional deadline has been moved up from July 1 to JUNE 1, 2018.



This festival is very DIY No-Budget. For those of you who worry that participation might be a waste of your time.. well, if you're expecting to become a millionaire, a thousandaire, a hundredaire, or a frigidaire after participating.. it probably will be.

BUT, if you're hoping to be a bit more appreciated than you are at the moment, & if you're hoping to participate in something that might make it into some history somewhere or another, this might be perfect for you.

For those of you who've never heard of "tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE" you can check out the portal to most of my websites here: tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE.

Here's a list of some of the events I've organized &/or screenings I've curated of other people's work in the last 40 years:


October 13, 2017 - "MM 76 RELEASE"

Glitter Box Theater - Pittsburgh, US@

(shorter versions of the above-linked-to movie are also here:https://archive.org/details/MM76RELEASEmediumRare & here: https://vimeo.com/241244343 )


May 8, 2016 - "Limpolysemia"

Minsk, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Rotterdam, South Carolina


September 26, 2015 - Matthew Day program

BYOC - Pittsburgh, US@


August 13, 2013 - "The 29 Mmmms"

Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers - Pittsburgh, US@


August 8, 2013 - "MM 26 Release"

Modern Formations Gallery - Pittsburgh, US@


November 9, 2011 - "Selections from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's Movie Archive 3"

Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening Room - Pittsburgh, US@


June 9, 2011 - "Selections from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's Movie Archive: Direct-on-Film/Optical Printing"

Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Harris Theater - Pittsburgh, US@


April 15, 2011 - "Indelible Mark, A.C.E. - Selections from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's Movie Archive: Direct-on-Film/Optical Printing"

Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh, US@


November 7, 2010 - "Selections from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's Movie Archive",

Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening Room - Pittsburgh, US@


March 6, 2004 - "In Celebration of Women" (as part of an event organized by Deanna Hitchcock)

Waldorf School - Pittsburgh, US@


March 20, 2000 - June 8, 2000 - "1st Non-Existent International Neoist Apartment Festival in the Year 000" (with Karen Eliot & etta cetera)

multiple locations - Adelaide, Australia


July 11, 1999 - "The Suppression of Black Radicals in the U.S.",

"The Pollinator", The Beehive - Pittsburgh, US@

June 13, 1999 - "The Suppression of Black Radicals in the U.S.",

"The Pollinator", The Beehive - Pittsburgh, US@

May 23, 1999 - "The Suppression of Black Radicals in the U.S.",

"The Pollinator", The Beehive - Pittsburgh, US@

April 18, 1999 - "The Suppression of Black Radicals in the U.S.",

"The Pollinator", The Beehive - Pittsburgh, US@

March 28, 1999 - "The Suppression of Black Radicals in the U.S.",

"The Pollinator", The Beehive - Pittsburgh, US@

January 17, 1999 - "The Suppression of Black Radicals in the U.S.",

"The Pollinator", The Beehive - Pittsburgh, US@


April 4-5, 1997 - "LatinAmeriMIX!can",

Chatham College - Pittsburgh, US@


October 27-29, 1991 - "'Patanational PXL-2000 Movie Festival",

BAUhouse - Baltimore, US@


June 29, 1988 - "INAUGURATION OF THE G.S.B.B.T.O.U.C."

- Glasgow Suburban Branch - Bal Tim Ore Undergound Club (in an abandoned subway station under the botanical gardens), Glasgow, Scotland, UK


January 24, 1984 - "Telectropheremoanin'quinquennial"

- Galaxy Ballroom, Baltimore, US@


September 20-28, 1983 - "APT 7 - the 7th International Neoist Apartment Festival"

- various locations: tENTA's APT; Galaxy Ballroom, Congress Hotel; That Frame Place Gallery - Baltimore, US@


September 16-18, 1983 - "14BX Sub-Par/Con (The 3rd Church & Foundation of the SubGenius Convention)" (co-organized with Sam Fitzsimmons)

Galaxy Ballroom, Congress Hotel; various guerrilla locations - Baltimore, US@


December 31, 1982 - "INAUGURATION OF THE B.T.O.U.C." (with Dave Bakker & Randy Hoffman)

- BalTimOre Underground Club, Baltimore, US@


May 29-June 7, 1981 - "81 APT - the 3rd International Neoist Apartment Festival"

Greenway's Folly - Baltimore, US@

81 APT - May 29

81 APT - May 30

81 APT - May 31

81 APT - June 2

81 APT - June 3

81 APT - June 4

81 APT - June 5

81 APT - June 6

81 APT - June 7


Fall, 1978 - "Experimental Films" (co-curator Jimmy Seraphine),

Community College of Baltimore, Harbor Campus - Baltimore, US@




I proposed this festival on various places on the internet & by email on January 3, 2018. Within less than 24 hours I received emails expressing interest & my Facebook announcement was shared somewhat.

As of today, February 8 (now April 30, 2018), 2018, if all goes well, the festival will screen works by:

Florian Cramer

Owen O'Toole


Dick Turner

A trailer for Dick's "La Grosse Commission" ("Shit Happens") is here: https://youtu.be/hlXTUZYmfkg . Dick Turner's "La Grosse Commission" & "Nature Morte avec des Oranges" (Still Life with Oranges) will be given their North American premiers as part of the UNDERAPPRECIATED MOVIEMAKERS FESTIVAL. The trailer for "Nature Morte avec des Oranges" (Still Life with Oranges) is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFcsYPC1l_w&feature=youtu.be

Will Zavala

ronnie s

Skizz Cyzyk