Volunteers Collective XVIII

- Sunday, January 15, '95 ev

- the Pierce-Dix house, Pittsburgh, PA, us@

- Bucholtz, Ed-Um a.k.a.: Edgar Um-Blou¢toldttzoso: (plaide: (940115)) misc. toys, o. space voice, victim art voice, gtr acoustick + prepared gtr elec. + prepared + detuned (en Anglais) hottelektronixx, tirepump, bad drum, Thomas Playmate organs, prepared kazzoo, car(d)bored tubes

- Sharyn Lee Frederick a.k.a.: Booger Eatin' Moron or Sadie Hertz or Cargill: Cello, Bass Clarinet, Cymbals, Percussion, Saw, Glockinspiel, Acoustic Guitar, Steel-Bowl, Organ, Drums, Triangle, Soprano Sax, Shoe Stretchers, Noisemaker, Bamboo Flute, Bell

- Michael Johnsen: Bass Clarinet, Heathkit Sine Wave Generator (Model IG 72), Delay, Almost Oboe, Cello, Thomas Playmate Organ, 2000 Watt All-Weather Non-Focusing Luminaire, Percussion, Guitar, Bows, 2 Amp 3 Point Lead Banding Iron, Service Bell, Washing Machine Tub

- Ben Opie: Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet, Corrugated Respirator Tube w/ Bass Clarinet Neck & Mouthpiece, Cow-Bell, 2 Wood-Blocks, Ratchet, Thomas Playmate Organ, Saw

- Gregory Thomas Pierce (a.k.a. Gregory Homas Piecre, Jr.): Blue Drums w/ Cymbals, Fender Telecaster Deluxe Guitar, Silvertone Guitar (green, black, + natural finishes), Silver "Steely Dan" Mic, Voice, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Percussion (assorted), Toy Trumpet w/ 4 valves, kazoo, House - 3312 Ward St. PGH., PA 15213 (forced air duct work + floor beams + support beams), Olympus XA, Bike Pump, Other Misc. Toys besides toy trumpet, toilet, etc..

- Alisa Dix: last-minute soprano sax

- tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE: DX27S Synthesizer, 2 K1M Synthesizers, Mirage Sampler, Midi-Patcher, Multi-Verb, 2 4-channel mixers, Electric Guitar, Snare Drum, Broken Hi-Hat w/ Appendage, 3 Toms, Floor Tom


to write to us, for trading or dering, etc..:

idioideo at verizon dot net

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