The following preserves the original spelling & grammar. This proposal was produced to try to generate an improvising group to be billed with "Floating Concrete Octupus" (from Wisconsin) @ the Art Strike Attic in Baltimore on April 16, '89.




I propose that I be included in a group of people, a loose ensemble of changing "membership", focused on goals by their individual enthusiasm at each point, on projects which suggest the participation of a defined group but for which no sutable contexts exists here, the value of which for me would be the sharing of individual resources outside the already known & oriented forms of the music group, the theater group, the two-person collaberation, ktp....

While I personally find "culture" "Reactionary" I am at least temporarily involved in producing it; & would like, for the above reasons, to approach it with other people in an open & sensitive manner, & think this might be one way of catalyzing some people (including me) into creating a convenience-oriented enviornment for something like that, eh?

Perhaps more importantly, I would like to participate in socializing which I like; ie. conceptual & formal colaberation with other people, & thus want to propose a new context in which it might happen, partially in order to set a tone more in line with my own interests but ultimately out of my control.

VOLUNTEER'S-COLLECTIVE might (given improbable mutual enthusiasm) act as a resource for a person who wanted an ensemble to realize a deteremined peice, or to experiment with a particular idea, process, instrumentation, ktp....

VOLUNTEER'S-COLLECTIVE might be a context used for imporvisation outside the already well supported contexts of rock, jazz, avant-garde, soundpoetry, or music itself, or theater itself. ....improvisors for unperceived switching on & off of house lights in patterns, seen from the street?....

Put this paper on your fridge.

Don't follow any rules or commands. Though I am completely dictatorial as a person, I don't want to be & can see how control gets it the way of a lot of my friends doing what would be otherwise more interesting. Because organization is difficult, & horrible when mandatory, I've temporarily x-out the idea of creating a space for what I'm proposing to practice in, & instead am imagining, as I've already said, each person's particpation & particpation being directly a product of their enthusiasm at each point. It's only because of the current apparent attitude of activism in Bal tim Ore that I make this proposal at all.

I won't be made unhappy if these ideas are considered unappealing, or if there are already enough things going on, KTP.... . There are ultimately more important things to do than doing things, anyway.

I've always made a lot of spelling errors & I'm convinced it is NOT the result of excessive carelessness. I proof-read what I hand out, but can't usually recognise mispelled words, "due to" a difference in my brain. I spent most of my alienated childhood being tutored, trying to force my brain around what it has ultimately avoided. "on Principle" I've not proof-read this text. Perhaps a first work of Volunteer's-Collective might be to correct it but not show it to me. Perhaps not. In either case, that is not to say that I do not appreciate help proofing Texts.

John Kennedy

Po. Box 22142

Baltimore, Md.




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