Almost everything I'm interested in falls into this category so I've put some things here that are also listed elsewhere.

[March 15, 2012E.V. note: Alas, I 1st put these links on here sometime between 1997 & 2000 & as I checked today to see if any of them were any good anymore, I discovered that 27 out of 41 weren't & that I don't even necessarily remember some of the others that remain. Of course, that doesn't mean that the content isn't out there anymore - in most cases it's just moved. In 2 cases, I updated the address but for the most part I just removed them. Since I don't browse the internet that much I don't really have any current favorite websites. Keep in mind that when you have a book, eg, you continue to have the book after the author & publishers have moved or died. The same's not true w/ links to websites.]

we data

it's a bollerman's world

Free Radio Berkeley



Do you think that the INQUISITION ended centuries ago? Not if the Fundamentalists (be they Christian or Moslem or Whatever) were to have their way! & let's not forget the Olympics! Become a living nazi sculpture in yr 'spare' time today!



When it's hasn't been the revolutionary communists offering me the post-revolution Minister of Culture job, it's been various Ministers from Elgaland-Vargaland suggesting that I start my own Ministry (t)here.



The subtitle of "Infiltration" is "the zine about going places you're not supposed to go". The following sites should be of interest to people who like to explore places regardless of whether someone's decided that it's illegal for them to go there or not.

Cave Clan Australia



Yes, I honor him with a category all his own. A highly original thinker who's been active since at least 1963 without anyone managing to absorb his output into mediocrity yet. [March 15, 2012E.V. note: I'm not so sure about that anymore..] Long live Henry Flynt!

Henry Flynt



As we of the j18 "Carnival Against Capitalism" criminally sane say: "Our Resistance is as Transnational as Capital". Don't Sell Yourself Until You Can Afford to Buy Yourself Back! The Global Market Company Store pricetag on those of use who refuse to be either masters or slaves is meant to price us out of existence.





Yes, I deliberately use the seemingly unintellectual term 'movies' rather than the more format specific 'film', 'video', 'CD-ROM', etc in order to lump them all together without getting into debates about their relative merits.



Ok, ok - so I'm the only person I 'know' who prefers the term USIC over MUSIC as a referent to organized sound. Here are a few sympathetic souls.

it's a bollerman's world



What? You've never heard of it? Just whose holographic movies do you think Richard Shaver was watching in those sliced rocks?



Of course, any LINK is relevant to Networking - but these are more obviously connected to such things as Postal Interaction Networking, Mail Art, Spanish Art, Punk Touring, & the like..



While most people barely notice, class war rages around them. The privatization of prisons is insidiously big business. Why is it that the underclass get jobs in prison for 49¢ an hour that they'd be denied for a more livable wage outside of prison?



My old friends Tom DiVenti & Dick Turner are keeping this publishing project going & have even published a new book by me. We're all in our 60s so don't expect this to be active for very long:

Apathy Press



Hopefully, these can direct you to some of the few oases of radio that actually work COUNTER to the standard fare of mind-deadening propaganda. The "clandestine" & "pirate" sites provide definitions.

Clandestine Radio

Pirate Radio

Free Radio Berkeley




I travel through space everyday. Make contacts with other people who do too!



to write to us, for trading or dering, etc..:

idioideo at verizon dot net

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