New Music Proposal From booed usicians


[written 1984EV? & very slightly rewritten December 1998EV]

as presented by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE


We, the booed usicians, propose presenting booed usic as a part of M.A.P.'s New Music series.

1. What is booed usic?

1st, usic is something to be used. In this instance, & in most that I currently apply the term to, usic is sound that is used. I, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, use this booed usic to regulate my nervous system. In keeping w/ tentatively, a convenience's existence as a d composer/sound thinker, usic is both analytical & decadent. Usic is, therefore, not only distinct from music because of the absence of an m but also because of its emphasis on merely using sound w/o any claim to aesthetic value. 2nd, booed usic was conceived of by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, as was usic, & is sound/whatever that is used in a way that is either intrinsically unpopular or wch receives booing as response by its users or by the booed usics' 'audience'-participants. Thus, it not only rhymes w/ mood music but sets a booing mood as well.

2. Why shd booed usic be presented in a New Music context?

Because booed usic has things in common w/ new music & because the new music context is the 1 wch is currently most established in a way wch is receptive to booed usic & financially beneficial for the booed usicians. The things that booed usic has in common w/ new music is that its emphasis is on the new, that it is usually associated w/ sound, & that it is usually unpopular.

3. Why shdn't booed usic be presented in a New Music context?

Because booed usic, in order to be considered new, shd not be permitted to be associated w/ a context as old as music.

4. Why do we, the booed usicians, present this proposal then?

Because the reasons espoused in #2 are more directly relevant to our current concerns w/ receiving money & attention from an interested audience & because the danger of having booed usic mislabeled as new music can be counteracted by giving the 'audience'-participants copies of this proposal.

5. How can the danger of a potentially receptive New Music audience liking booed usic be prevented?

By not only charging admission but also by strictly demanding that people must pay in order to leave. W/ this being the case, people who do want to leave because they don't like it will be further incensed by having to pay to get away. Furthermore, some people will think that they will only be spending an admission fee, as is typical, & will, therefore, be irritated to learn that there are 2 charges. The M.A.P. personnel may dislike this because it will either mean that the M.A.P. personnel toilet room will have to be used, since people will have to pay to leave the space to go to the public toilet rooms, & that the M.A.P. offices will therefore have to be rendered vulnerable by audience passage - or that a Johnny-On-The-Spot Port-A-Pot will have to be installed in the gallery. Another possibility that will be annoying to the 'audience'-participants &/or M.A.P. personnel is that the 'audience'-participants will either have to hold in their excretions or release them on an area not usually used as a toilet in the M.A.P. space - such as on art objects, the floor, or other people.

6. Do booed usicians really want their booed usic to be unpopular?





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