"Factsheet Five" magazine - #29

tentatively, a convenience, "Homeless Movies" ($20 from Widemouth tapes, PO Box 382 CR, Baltimore, MD, 21203): An outgrowth of tent's 4-month trip to England and France in mid-1988. It's a mix of documentation, performance art, processed video, and "vaudio" - which, as near as I can figure, is a sort of lo-fi video recorded on hi-bias audio tape. The latter is done through the "busking unit", a 60-pound assemblage of electronics that allows all sorts of audio and video processing in almost any locale that it can be lugged to, thanks to built-in batteries. Tent's companion Laura Adele Trussell figures prominently in these performances, but so do other members of the Philosopher's Union; about twenty people take an active part. Bits range from extreme close-ups of mouths spouting nonsense, an underground performance in eerie black-and-white, a naked tent wearing a Donald Duck mask (so as to appear to be a fellow sea creature) making the acquaintance of a seal, a map of Scotland being drawn on a back, the cops moving a sidewalk show on, and more. Sort of three-to-five-dimensional mail art. Not for the too easily offended; besides the nudity there's some micturation and a brief scene of drilling holes in a rather large simulated penis. tent has also prepared a 68-page book of documentation, YET ANOTHER SLOW-BURNING FEAST OF A FEW MONTHS MISCHIEF IN THE U.K., MAYBE, which you can probably score for about $5.


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