"Vague" magazine - #21: Cyber-Punk [1988]

"Culturcide" [pp 85-94]

by Tom Vague



Post-punk Mail Art? Canadian-rumanian (or something) Istvan Kantor's version of the Portland Academy's '-ISM.' More futurist than situationist according to Stewart, a one time leading Neoist light - 'Video was to the Neoists what the motor car was to Marinetti.' But Istvan Kantor himself comes off only slightly better than Guy Debord, being pretty much condemned here for stealing the Monty Cantsin moniker for his own selfish ends.

However, I think we're all agreed that the Neoist show was well and truly stolen by Baltimore piss-artist (It should be needless to say that's literally speaking, but I will anyway.) Tentatively A. Convenience. I haven't seen any Coum Transmissions stuff, which I gather is more extreme, but Tent's 'Peeing on Bob's Head' video has to be the end of art, really.

The video elevated Tent (Real name: Michael Tolson) to sainthood in the Church of the SubGenius and provided Stewart with an excuse to include a bit on them - Think that's how I came to get my mention - Previously he was responsible for the most notorious SubGenius stunt when, in 1983, he was arrested by 20 armed cops, 'naked and covered in white grease paint (Tent that is, not the cops), while beating the decomposing carcasses of two dead dogs strung from the ceiling of a railway tunnel.' A hard act to follow.


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