2015. +

I was scheduled to have a restrospective of my 'Sound Art' at a project space associated with MoMA PS1, Queens, in NYC on June 29, 2015. Since I was bored with my hair I wanted a new haicut. Because, at age 61, I have very little hair left on the top of my head, I don't have much to work with. Additionally, my friend that I ask to cut my hair for me these days, Julie Gonzalez, is usually very busy & I hate to take up her time asking her to do such things for me. As such, I decided on a simple plus sign: +. I got the haircut but the prospective show in NYC was so ineptly & uncaringly organized that I cancelled it rather than lower my standards to their mediocre wants. My joke is now: I try to stay positive but my hair keeps growing back.




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