2017. Girlfriend Profile

I was contacted online by an interesting woman. I liked communicating with her & found her to be intelligent, literate, talented, & attractive. One thing led to another & we decided to meet. In preparation for that I decided to get my hair cut in a way that was meant to look like her face in profile. My friend Julie, who has been the "Civilian Barber" for most of my haircuts since 2005, once again generously donated her very overbooked time for this. The 3 images here show the haircut as it was made, the haircut compared to the collage that it was meant to emulate, & the haircut with its image source overtop it to show its relative success & failure (+ a double rainbow). The hair was cut in such a way so that the surrounding area was to be shaved, the face was to be made from short hair (that continued under the hanging hair), & the hanging hair was meant to be the girlfriend's hair. This was meant to be died red to mark the difference between the short hair 'face' & the head hair. A movie of this haircut can be seen starting here on my onesownthoughts YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/1GDXxp_g168?t=1m2s






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