K7B - booed usic at t he telectropheremoanin'quinquennial/

booed usic at t he No Business As Usual Benefit

- $6.00 - (90 minutes)


From: "Beef" Vol 5 #17 - us@


"booed usic: use of sound without any claim to aesthetic value which receives booing as response by its user"

This cassette is packaged with a flyer from a performance, a postcard from a fan club, a proposal to a new music series (rejected), liner notes, and a list of business terms regarding the démo tape - to which I have just listened.

Side One includes a live recording of actual attempted (frustrated) phone sex telecast before an audience at a gallery (laughter in background, participation) and a subsequent mixing of sounds and music that is distorted, synthesized and delayed in various ways. Side Two is a live concert of people playing together for the first time using various kinds of audio equipment as well as guitar and drums.

To be listened to, experienced, booed...interesting mental conceptual idea, where does it send you?


From: "ND" #6 - us@

Booed usic at the No Business as Usual Benefit. This was the 5th anniversary of what was left of the Baltimore Underground Telephone Network [well.., not quite. The 1st side, the title for which isn't mentioned above, is from that telectropheremoanin'quinquennial]. Lots of effects with tapes and phone calls. Anyway you will have to get a copy - no way I can describe it especially at this hour.


From: "Sound Choice" #9 - us@

démo cassette Not sure of title but I'll try: (frustrated) fone sex/(booed usic) (fone sex)/booed usic (jerks off) telectropheremoaninquinquennial (vaudio's audio) (long blank space I think it denotes the other side then:) booed usic at the No Business as Usual Benefit (get that?) The first side is a recording made of a live show in a populated hall of some sort in Baltimore (are all Baltimore people perverts like Divine or John Waters or other famous perverts?) The guy [me] and sometimes his friend Butch [Buddy] talk to telephone prostitute types over the phone which is specially wired and amplified over the p.a. system. It seems that the main event (he even pre-paid $25 for this) has a busy signal but he manages to contact one person he knows and one person that someone in the audience suggests and they talk dirty a little. There is some artful manipulation of sounds and feedback (I love feedback) also some um surprises. Comes with a healthy dose of propaganda and the cassette is in a plastic holder. It's nicely confusing and I expect to spend many hours looking at it. I can't decipher much right off. Ain't art grand? [ain't WHAT grand?] Emphasis on anarchy and liberation through madness or maybe I'm just a weenie, frightened and confused, lost from my tribe. - Robin James


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