1976. 1. 4 u by tentatively, a convenience

The 1970s were a very fertile time for my experimentation as a writer. I was in my twenties from the fall of 1973 through 1979 & was constantly having new ideas about directions to try & language philosophies to use as a base. One preoccupation was with ideas of ambiguity versus accuracy & ambiguity as accuracy. Here I experimented with creating a numbered list, an exemplary case of unambiguous linearity, & then rendered it more ambiguous by having the sense of the uniits that follow depend on rethinking the period-stopped numbers. IE: "8. ties" can refer to the 8th item in the list being neckties &/or to the '80s (or 1980s), etc.. Obviously, there are other types of wordplay going on such as the progression from "1. 4 u" (one for you) to "2. 4 t" (two for tea) to "3. sum" (threesome) in which an increase in the number of people implies an increase in the social complications.

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