It surprises even me that I'm just heading this category of activity simply "Writing" & NOT making a pun or using a pre-existing neologism or coining a new one - but there's something about just plain "Writing" that satisfies me in a way that not-so 'just plain' "art", eg, never has.

I've already created a "Bibliography" page wch I'm fairly sure I'll never manage to make comprehensive (despite its being the "('all-inclusive')" version). &, yeah, I've been fairly widely published.. but how many people have actually ever seen the majority of the publications that I have something in? How many people have seen "Signatures: Baltimore Artists' Books Catalogue" (BalTimOre, us@, 1980) AND "DDC #040.002 issue 1" (BalTimOre, us@,1981) AND "DOC(K)S No. 35 (Ventabren, France, Automne 1981)" AND "False Positive 3" (San Francisco, us@,1983) AND "Total 4" (Odzaci, Yugoslavia, May 1985) AND "Lost and Found Times No. 17/18" (Columbus, us@, August 1985) AND "LISME issue 4" (Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 1985) AND "SOUS LE MANTEAU - édition spéciale" (Montréal, Canada, 1989), etc? NO-ONE (except for me). I'd be astounded if I were to ever meet anyone who had seen & read half of the tiny selection of 8 just listed.

Since I have good reason to 'believe' that I'm going to die eventually, it's one of my goals to try to get as much of my writing online as I feel like bothering w/ (after all, I DO have better things to do) before that happens. After I die, I, alas, expect most of my carefully archived work to rapidly disappear into the sump-hole of lack-of-interest. In other words, there goes 50 or 60 yrs of work in the trash! Naturally, that strikes me as unfortunate given that I, at least, have passionately cared about what I've done - wch is why I've bothered in the 1st place.

SO, what we have here is the wee beginning of an attempt to organize this writing into chronological order & to very slowly place a referent & a link. At 1st, I'll favor the things that aren't published &/or that had mistakes added to them by the publishers &/or that're published w/ ads around them that I prefer not be there &/or that're no longer available elsewhere online, etc.. There's enuf of that to keep me busy for the rest of my life. Many of the early dates are approximations. I might be able to hone them down more eventually. Wish me luck.


1969. highschool yearbook self-description

1973. student flowchart

1975 the sauce

1975 STAIN

1976. tape transfer

1976. language

1976. transparent bk

1976. 1. 4 u

1976. I'm thinking that..

1978. connect-the-alphabet-1

1978. connect-the-alphabet-1a

1978. connect-the-alphabet-1b

1978. connect-the-alphabet-1c

1978. fingerprinting

1979. chain letter


1980s Your Horoscope

1980. WrenchWrench etching

1981. prikalkulilo ktp

1981. Fan Clubs

1982. PA

1982.07 bisect a picture

1997. Lost in Translation




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