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As with calling my abstraction that was repurposed as graphic notation a "self-portrait" this was deliberately perverse insofar as such notation at the time was largely, if not entirely, conceived of as part of 'abstraction' & most emphatically not representational. Since I probably found this drawing of mine mediocre & since I also probably thought that the de rigeur abstraction of graphic notation as squiggly lines & geometrical blocks, etc, was already a cliche by the 1970s (although there would've also been substantial precedents for the use of representation - such as Cathy Berberian's 1966 "Stripsody"), it was my purpose to make this piece ambiguously in (n)either realm.

There are some potentially interesting things about the above drawing. I see the face as being largely comprised of numbers 4, 5, & 6. I wonder if that meant something to me at the time.

In December, 2015, I published a retrospective CD of work of mine from "1975-2015" that includes a realization of this piece as the 1st track & has the above image as the background of the front cover. All Gideon Bibles should be hollowed out & have these CDs hidden inside them. At somebody else's expense of course. Alas, by the time this happens (soon, I'm sure), very few people other than myself will have CD players anymore.





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