(d) compositions

I probably started 'composing' when I was 20 in 1974. I probably started calling the work "d compositions" around the same time to distinguish myself from more traditional composers. I'm an analytical person, "d composing" is analytical. The separation of the "d" from "composing" without the usual "e" in between is a reference to my d liberate graduation from high school with a D average. I knew that my approach to composing, & just about everything else, would not be popular or accepted by most as 'valid'.

It was never my interest to (d) compose 'beautiful music'. There're plenty of other people doing that already. I like & respect the work of most of them. It was my intention, instead, to USE sounds for whatever purpose appealed to me - with conventional aesthetics being irrelevant & an obstacle to original thinking. As such, I can be considered a "Sound Artist", although I've never particularly liked that term because of the "Art" part.

I was probably influenced in my self-identification as "d composer" by a comment by Karlheinz Stockhausen I vaguely recall reading in which he called himself a decomposer. Much later, I heard or read a joke to the effect of "I'm following in the footsteps of Mozart & Beethoven, I'm decomposing." I'm sure Edgar Varèse's "Organized Sound" & John Cage's embracing of noise & silence is in there somewhere too. I was nurtured by the musical revolutions of the mid 20th century & took off from there with very few intermediate steps.

Be all that as it may, what I now credit as my very 1st (d) composition is entitled "Dead Man with a Horn". This piece has a libretto which is a poem by my friend of the time, Brian Wolle (aka Herr Brain Storm Drain as he was eventually (un)'known' as). Brian was a fan of cornetist Bix Beiderbecke & a novel inspired by the music of Beiderbecke is entitled "Young Man with a Horn" - hence Brian's take-off title. Obviously, this is in keeping with the overall humor (& morbidity) of d composing so I was off to a very fitting start. This piece has never been performed.

Trying to list all of the work here, let alone provide relevant d scriptions & links, is more than a daunting task. Nonetheless, I'm going to try to at least get started on it. Someone may actually be interested someday & for anyone other than myself compiling such information is so far beyond daunting that it's well-nigh 'impossible'.

Given that I use many neologisms & puns to describe my audio work/play there aren't necessarily absolutely definitive fixed categories that each piece fits into. It might be more appropriate to call something "booed usic", eg, than to call it a "d composition".

Here, I'm putting just about all of it under the "(d) composition" parasol not to keep it in the shade but to shine more light on it. If I were to be more rigorous, the collaborative sound sculpture "Harps & Angles" wouldn't be here & neither would the 'free' improvisations. Nonetheless, I want there to be an index of all my audio play/work & this will do for the moment - although, given my prolificness, it's not likely to ever be 'complete'.


1974? "Dead Man with a Horn"

1974.11.07? Self-Portrait 7 11 21

1974? "d composition"

1975? man smoking cigar profile

1975.09.09 the piece itself 9/9/21/22

1976 "dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada"

1976 "Listening Score"

1977 "Computer Score"

1977 "Audience Participation Reading"

1978 "publicity stunts (my growth as an obscuro)"



1979 "TESTES-3"

1979 B.O.M.B.


1979 "VD-RADIO"

1979 "Side 1"

1979 "Side 2"

1979 "Infinity O'Clock"

1979 "Crab Feast"

1979 nameless wandering street ensemble

1980 (301)962-0210

1980 "Usic - 1"


1980 Maryland Biennial sound sculpture

1983 "Sound Along w/ t he Bounding Ball(s)"

1984.01.24 booed usic at t he Telectropheremoanin'quinquennial (excerpt)

try pasting this URL in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMOYy_W-Kkg&t=10m4s or try going to 10:04 for the relevant booed usic excerpt

1985 "It's Not As Easy As You Might Think To Be A Pseudo-Virtuoso"

1985 "Chinese for Celli"

1986 "Neoist Funeral March for Hope(less)" as used in the soundtrack for "Hindsight" (2016)

1988.08.13 Murraygate Busking with VEX, LAW, & Trueseal

1992.02.28 "Vermin Supreme / Volunteers Collective slug 04"

1992 "OUR"

1994.05.11 "Boota"

1994-1997 Triple-S Variety Shows

1994.09.02 "Neil Feather & tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE at the NorMill"

1996.04.30 "1st NU-NU Triple-S Variety Show" (as soundtrack to "Slow-Bowling with the Gods" (edit finished June 4, 2017))

1997 "Interspatiality" with Michael Pestel

2000.04.22 "tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE @ Synesthesia"

2000.04.09 "Hard Listening" with Warren Burt

2000.05.30 "Conjuring" with Warren Burt

2002.11.12 "Guitarists Anonymous Padded Cell Therapy #02"

2003 "Harps & Angles" with Michael Pestel

2005.11.19 History in the Making with Daniel Higgs & Michael Evans

2010 "Po, Li, Ou"

2011.07.25 "Reductionism 6 + Interpretive Duncing + Artifacts"

2011.11.10 "Spectral Evidence" trailer

2012 "Skeletal Remains"

2012.11.25 "J from A to Z"

2012.11.30 "Ben Opie"

2013.01 "Pi(ano Fort)e" & "Pi(ano Fort)e (the remake)"

2015.01.24 "A Catamaran Animist Vigor" at Babyland

2015.11 "Beau Jest" at Sync'd 7

2015.11 "Tex-Mix (Giddyup Americana)" at Babyland

2015.11.08 "RonDodo" at The Space Upstairs

2016.02 "ORGAN (Endangered)"

2016.03 "ACCORDION (Endangered)"

2016.04 "CLARINET (Endangered)"

2016.04 "HARMONICA (Endangered)"

2016.05.08 "Limpolysemia (take 7)"

2016.05 "MUSIC BOXES (Endangered)"

2016.06 "VIBRAPHONE (Endangered)"

2016.07 "PIANO (Endangered)"

2016.07 "HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS (Endangered)"

2016.08 "Music Boxing"

2016.08 "ELECTRONICS (Endangered)"

2016.08.12 "cellfeed 01" (collaboration with Ryan Broughman)

2016.11 "METRONOME (Endangered)"

2016.11 "TUNING FORKS (Endangered)"

2016.11 "COUGHING (Endangered)"

2016.12 "ZITHER (Endangered)"

2016.12 "NONDO (Endangered)"

2017.01 "BIRD CALLS & SONGS (Endangered)"

2017.03 "Ping Pong (realization 02)"

2017.03.04 "cellfeed 02b"

2017.03 "oWL pONG" (collaboration with mIEKAL aND)

2017.05.19 "Endangered Languages, Endangered Cultures, Endangered Ideas" (In Progress)

2017.05.19 "How Things Get Broken" (collaboration with Pamelia Stickney & Ben Opie)

2017.06.26 "An afternoon at Casa WHO UNIT? (track 08)" (collaboration with Libby Ramer) (part of soundtrack to "Double Embrace")

2017.06.26 "An afternoon at Casa WHO UNIT? (track 16)" (collaboration with Libby Ramer) (part of soundtrack to "An afternoon in Casa WHO UNIT?")

2017.07 "Dynamic Stasis"

2017.12 "Sawed into Halves" (tENT order) (collaboration with Anthony Osbourne as arranged by {AN} EeL)

2018.01 "January, 2018"

2018.01.31 "ADM" (using sound from "January, 2018" from "365": "January, 2018" can be witnessed on my onesownthoughst YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/aVJpvfu3M1w ; published May 1, 2018)

2018.02.03 "Exorcising Capos"

2018.02.11 "Ordinary Piano Solo"

2018.02 "February, 2018"

2018.03 "March, 2018"

2018.04 "April, 2018"

2018.05.10 "Sleeping Together" (collaboration with Pamelia Stickney)

2018.05 "May, 2018"

2018.06.01 "duet with Ben Opie"

2018.06.02 "duet with Noah Rectenwald"

2018.06.03 "duet with Caleb Gamble"

2018.06.04 "duet with Jim Storch"

2018.06.05 "duet with Rich Randall"

2018.06.06 "duet with Dick Turner"







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