{AN} EeL has been initiating internet audio collaborations & I've participated in quite a few. He seems to like to bring together people who might not collaborate otherwise. In this case, he proposed a "Three Way Dance" to consist of a trio between people he connected as well as solos by each participant & the possible duets. I was enthusiastic about this & immediately wrote a simple score. My partners were to be Lezek & Marco Lucchi. A part of the challenge of working this way is that one's partners might be on very different pages musically. My score was received with some positivity by Lezek but seemed to be not so well-received by Marco who seemed to prefer something with tonality & metered time. I told them that they were free to react to the score as they wished - even to the point of ignoring it altogether - which is what happened in Marco's case. I followed the score scrupulously.


- September 30, 2018, notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE




1st minute:


Left, Left, Shuffle, Pirouette;

Right, Forward, Shuffle, Stop Still;

Sissonne, Backward, Backward, Ball Change;


2nd minute:


Releve, Run, Fake Fall, Recovery;

Backward, Backward, Sideways, Backward;

Derriere, Left, Left, Shuffle;


3rd minute:


Double Turn, Attitude Turn, Split Leap, Grapevine;

Left, Left, Shuffle, Pirouette;

Right, Forward, Shuffle, Stop Still.


This can either be taken as an analog or as a metaphor.


- tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - April 28, 2018E.V. (realization made May 3, 2018)


Dance terms used:

Attitude Turn - while turning on releve, one leg is bent backward behind the body, leading the turn outward.

Ball Change - shifting weight from one foot to the other, and back again.

Derriere - French for "directly behind the body." Referenced often in ballet.

Double Turn - two full rotations of any dance turn (pique, attitude, pencil, etc.)

Grapevine - a dancer steps out to the side, crosses the other foot in front, steps out to side again, and crosses the other foot behind.

Pirouette - a complete rotation done in place in the "pique" position

Releve - To balance on your toes, either stationary or in movement.

Sissonne - a jump from both feet onto one

Split Leap - legs "switch" back and forth in midair during the leap






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