Upper 1 "Official" - "Sickly" Flumphing

Since these scans are copies of the original dot-matrix print-out of my mid-'90s notes, I've preserved the original ways of writing regardless of its difference from my current writing/thinking. E.G.: I now refer to middle C as "C4" & the lowest note on my 61 key keyboard as "C2" so the above intro is somewhat obsolete. Also, there are typos that I sometimes don't bother to call attention to. An example here is "meant" in the sentence that begins: "Here it's sparse meant notes". I deduce that that was meant to be "bent".

The duration followed by "@ 48" indicates the sequencer tempo at which that duration is achieved.

That brief description claims that I used both the Upper & the Lower 1 "Official" samples. I'm not listening to the sequence right now so I'm not sure whether that's a mistake or if I'm referring to the recording(s) I made of it - in which case I may've played the Lower 1 samples in addition to the sequence.

The "Official" in the title means I used the Upper 1 set of samples that were made for use with solo recreations of "Official" CAMUs. In this case, the sequence is not an Official" one. To clarify: the Mirage sampler didn't allow one sample across the entire 61 key range, it enforced a division into 2 samples minimum, 16 samples maximum. Hence, the minimum 2 samples are designated "Lower" & "Upper". The floppy discs that these samples were stored on only had enough memory to store 3 each of these "Lowers"s & "Upper"s = a total of 6 very short samples. Therefore, in this instance, "Upper 1" means the 1st of the "Upper" "Official" samples on the disc. See the enlarged relevant floppy disc image below.



- October 7, 2018 recollections from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE








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