mmm008 Sunday, April 1, 2012


8th music meeting (April 1, 2012) minutes (mmm08):







Ben Opie


(cameo appearances from Amy)


Ben brings zip drive & cartridges for tENT for sampler use

Spat announces that he's moving to England & that he sold his '80s nite DJing at Belvedere's as a business! - including his DJ name! (DJ Hates You)

tENT shows off his Sun Ra records

tENT discusses ESP label & shows off the 2 CD w/ bk Wu Ming I release & discusses Wu Ming as a continuation of Luther Blissett collective identity etc..

tENT discusses ESP Sampler

Ben discusses Bob James Trio playing Robert Ashley!

Ben initiates talking about Henry Grimes & his wife

Ben talks about Marshall Allen's violent sax technique

tENT talks about Official show at UMBC where an alto sax on fire was played & about how a student claimed that it wasn't miked correctly

Anthony talking about Justin Yeldham playing plate glass by biting it & amplifying it & about how it was surprisingly musical! I've gotta hear this guy!

Talking about Chick Corea & Scientology & about how Corea was denied entrance to Germany b/c of his membership in Scientology

Anthony tells story about a band calling themselves "Scientology" in DC & about how they immeditaely rc'vd a Cease & Desist order before they even had a chance to play

Playing a reel-to-reel marked as John Coltrane's "Live at the Village Vanguard" brought by Frank. Ben points out that it's actually, despite the markings, "Live at the Village Vanguard Again" & it's generally concluded that it's not a rare sound engineer recording but a home taper's copy of the record.

Talking about plastic altos as used by Parker & Coleman

tENT plays a live version of his new sampler piece "Skeletal Remains" wch uses samples he made that're taken from other people's readings of & use of text from James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake"

Anthony plays LP of Robert Turman - 1981 - collaborated w/ Non. This is a vinyl reissue of a K7. It's very sparse & repetitive & gamelan-like & not noise music.

Ben, coincidentally, brought a Non LP w/ loop grooves wch we, unfortunately, don't get around to listening to.

Discussion of band "This Heat"

tENT plays "Cromagnon" LP as his favorite ESP record

tENT plays ESP Sampler. Ben picks out Bob James Trio track on it.

tENT plays Ongaku record that he'd meant to play last wk b/c of the claim that they were the 1st free improv group

Ben plays "Jan & Dean meet Batman" LP & there's discussion of a story that I don't quite follow about Sun Ra reputedly playing anonymously on the LP & that turning out to not be true

tENT plays Hal Rammel's "Like Water.." 10" & passes around the various recordings recently rc'vd from Rammel

Ben shows Amy Braxton score for piece that he recorded w/ him on their recent 2 CD release (recorded in 2008) as an example of the notation's relation to visual poetry. Long discussion & explanation of this

Ben shows L.O.S.D.'s "Organic 23" w/ a 5" loop groove record & a CD. We play them both at the same time as they're intended to be. The CD has low drone & the 5", of course, has loops. Very nice! Picked up in a dollar bin or some such as so many good things are.

Rob plays his latest hit single "If I knew then what I know now"

Rob had also brought "a jazz tune by LE REX, a groovy young swiss band that dave bernabo dug up and presented downtown last week" but we neglected to listen to it. Next time?

tENT plays Anne Feenie's "Goonies" & learns that Anne may have cancer

Spat & Frank leave

tENT plays 1st 2 tracks of recently acquired "Cut Party" CD

Heated discussion of Girl Talk. Rob likes his work, tENT & Ben don't like it. Amy proposes that I ask Girl Talk to join mm since he lives 2 blocks away. tENT says that he hasn't invited him b/c he doesn't know him. Maybe he'll get invited if his email contact info can be found.

tENT plays Girl Talk track on 1st "Circuits of Steel" CD & then plays his own track on that same comp.

tENT plays a little of the aforementioned Wu Ming I edited "The Old New Thing" CD.

tENT projects some of Michael Snow's "New York Eye & Ear Control" movie

Ben leaves.

tENT projects some of his "Anonymous Family Reunion" movie.

Anthony leaves.

Rob leaves.

A good time was had by all (again)!



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