mmm010 Sunday, May 6, 2012


10th music meeting (May 6, 2012)










James & Matthu arrive

tENT demonstrates Sonluminous - wch they hadn't seen

Matthu plays piano "in a way normal people wdn't like" (as he put it)

tENT plays Bernd Alois Zimmermann's "Monologe" for 2 pianists (1960/64) as example of a complex piece along those lines

Matthu plays an MP3 of "Pyramids of Mars" using Yamaha YPG 130 thru Digitech "one of my more dreamy soundscape pieces" (Matthu)

Matthu plays an MP3 of "AF in Damascus" ("Alice" is "AF" - a journalist friend he was worried about because she was going into war zones - has guitar, etc

Matthu plays an MP3 of "Caldera V" for synth - another "dreamy, trippy" piece (Matthu)

Matthu plays an MP3 of "Tropical Eclipse" a piece by his fake band "Doom Crater"

James plays something he did using Ableton Live program - a full feature music editor for live & studio - the basic material for the piece is 1:15 of audio using a pole in his studio - the working title is "Bokbok" wch is a tip of the hat to producer named Bok Bok

Rob arrives

Anthony arrives

James & Matthu's "Bluntcraft" (wch includes the use of Boomwhackers)

James plays Bok Bok's "NNTF09" from London, 2008

Kenny arrives

James plays Untold's "Stop what you're doing" - A James Blake remix - 2008

Anthony plays Justice Yeldham & the Dynamic Ribbon Device's "2005" LP (split w/ Dave Phillips) LIVE - this is the guy who plays amplified glass by pushing it against his face & breaking it by biting it, etc.. Great stuff!

tENT plays "The Glass Orchestra" LP

tENT plays LP of Bruno Hoffmann playing glass harmonica - specifically Beethoven's "Romance in G Major"

Anthony talks about Ben Hall & band "Graveyards" & setting turntables w/ bowls on them that contact each other sporadically when the turntables spin (if I understood correctly)

Anthony plays "Solo Percussion" record by Cleve (aka Robert) Pozar (previously heard at an mm as part of the Bob James Trio) - piece titled: "Echo Afrika"

Anthony talks about Pozar's use of "Bata" technique

tENT plays Jay Hoggard's "May those who love apartheid burn in hell" from 1979 - tENT explains Hoggard's hand-spinning of axles that control butterfly valves that open & close the resonating tubes that create the distinctive vibraphone sound - liner notes by Amiri Baraka

Rob talks about Baraka & "Longshot" magazine

Anthony looks him up on phone & learns that Hoggard played w/ Cecil Taylor

Anthony talks about duet percussion winter solstice concerts in Chicago w/ Michael Zerang & Hamid Drake

Kenny plays "Music for Zen Meditation" LP 1st cut, 1st side w/ koto & shakuhachi playing w/ Tony Scott on clarinet - improvised Feb 1964, Japan - my favorite Scott thing so far that Kenny's played

Rob plays Tenacious D intro & song re fucking called "Fuck her gently" or some such

tENT plays Frank Zappa's "Get Whitey" from "Yellow Shark" b/c Ben Opie saId he was considering it as his favorite complicated 2 piano piece - Alas, as it turned out, the 'Yellow Shark" version is orchestrated so we didn't hear the 2 piano version

tENT tries to play a disc sent to him from Scotland of music by Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina but it didn't work

James plays Amon Tobin's "Goto 10" & explains that Tobin's an early pioneer of Drum'n'Bass from Brazil The piece played is from the experimental end of Dub-Step

James plays a 2nd Amon Tobin piece

James plays Boubacar Diagne's "Dembell" wch is what Pozar reminded him of Diagne's a Senegalese Sufi

James plays "Sword of Fire" by Matthu & Matthu talks about meditating to it

James plays "Footworking Music" born out of "Juke" music of Detroit-based 'ghetto' music - he shows YouTube dance video

James plays RP Boo track

tENT plays Choda's "1984-85" K7 They're an improvising group from Moscow, ID, that tENT's been meaning to play as an example of mid-western home-taper improv since Matt (not Matthu) played some mid-western jazzier improv a few mms back

James shows drawings of drums he's designing

Everyone more-or-less leaves at the same time..



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