mmm012 Sunday, June 3, 2012


12th music meeting (June 3, 2012)






Ben Opie




Frank magnanimously pronounces himself the scribe of the night (to relieve tENT of the duty) but tENT goes ahead & does it too anyway so these notes will alternate between both versions of the minutes

Frank's minutes:

Ben arrives and brings copy of Source, Issue 11. It features some 50 artists, and is heavily fluxus-flavored.

tENT's minutes:

maybe guest-edited by Ken Friedman

Ben talks about Cage Chicago piece that a friend of his performed & recorded

Rob arrives & brings Secret Music Society CD-Rs for tENT & Frank b/c those 2 participated in the session at a recent BBQ @ Rob's house

Frank's minutes:

tENT plays "Blabber and Smoke" by Captain Beefheart (1973) and offers a small blurb for the East End Brewery who recently produced a beer with the Blabber and Smoke namesake.

tENT's minutes:

"Blabber 'n Smoke" is from "The Spotlight Kid" (1972) by Captain Beefheart

tENT shows the cover of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band's "Trout Mask Replica" album so that people can see that the next-to-be-shown beer label design is taken from that cover

tENT shows the East End Brewery's label design for a new smoked ale called "Blabber and Smoke" & then shows their website announcement for it

Frank's minutes:

Rob arrives and mentions that his favorite Captain Beefheart song is about Carson City.

tENT's minutes:

The song in question is called "Owed T' Alex" & is from Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band's "Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)" LP (1978) - note that the later Magic Band is "the" & the earlier one is "his"

Frank's minutes:

tENT mentions the Fraternity of Men

tENT's minutes:

More specifically tENT talks about Winged Eel Fingerling (aka Elliot Ingber) b/c he played on "The Spotlight Kid" & on The Mothers of Invention's "Freak Out!" AND had a band called "The Fraternity of Man" who tENT's never heard

Frank's minutes:

and displays his glow-in-the-dark Safe as Milk bumper sticker.

tENT plays his first wind-off record which repeats the word bang in order to call attention to the human population explosion. The artist, Anthony Gnazzo, is featured in Ben's Source, Issue 11. The album is 10+2:12

tENT's minutes:

Anthony Gnazzo's piece is called "Population Explosion"

The album's full title is: "10+2:12 American Text Sound Pieces"

Rob talks about Roxy Music cut w/ Eno using effects for the 1st time

Frank's minutes:

Ben brings two giveaways!

tENT takes "Teper Nac Dvoe" (This Time We are Both) by Rova, who have shown interest in language writing and improvisation.

tENT's minutes:

Rova Saxophone Quartet CD known in English as "This time we are both" recorded in Russia - Russian intro not sampling of Lenin's wife as Frank initially speculated but of uncredited woman specifically introducing Rova as from California, etc

tENT tells story of Lynn Hejinian telling story in a blog about how Rova 1st got invited to Russia

Frank's minutes:

Frank takes the CRI recording of Tenney and Melby.

Ben mentions "Removal of Secrecy" on Metalanguage Records, who also published Rova.

tENT's minutes:

"Removal of Secrecy" is an early Rova record on Metalanguage Records that has liner notes by language poet Lyn Hejinian who's married to Rova's Larry Ochs

Frank's minutes:

General talk about who played at Graffiti; all agree that Graffiti was an excellent venue.

tENT's minutes:

Ben tells us that the Ganelin Trio, an avant-garde jazz group from Russia, performed at Graffiti - not their usual fare wch was more rock & blues oriented

Frank's minutes:

Rob plays "dada" by tENTATIVELY, a CONVENIENCE and performed by the Secret Music Society, which opens with fascinating instructions given by the composer.

tENT's minutes:

Strictly speaking, the title of the piece is also its score:

"dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada" - tentatively, a convenience (the piece was created in 1976 before tENT started using tOGGLE cASE

Frank's minutes:

Rob plays "memorial day" by the Secret Music Society and "a major seventh" by Charlemagne Palestine.

tENT's minutes:

"memorial day": tENT remarks that only Rob cd get him to attempt to play rock guitar in a jam session, as he does here - this seems to impress no-one

Frank's minutes:

Frank plays "China Gates" by John Adams.

tENT's minutes:

ie: on the piano - Frank explains that the left-hand notes always occur simultaneously w/ the 2nd or 3rd notes of the right hand ones

Frank's minutes:

General talk about Reich and his East/West Coast roots.

Frank plays Rzewski's People United and continues a tradition of protest by stopping the minutes. (It's hard work! Let's give tENT a virtual round of applause for his continued minute-taking!!)

tENT's minutes:

Thanks Frank!

Full title: "The People United Will Never Be Defeated + Theme + 36 Variations + Cadenza + Theme - on ¡El Pueblo Unidos Jamás Será Vencido!" (1971-1976)

Ursula Oppens is the pianist on the above

Ben plays "Cardboards" PGH No-Wave band from 1981 - record entitled "Greatest Hits Volume 2" - the only record they ever put out

- the cover's hand-assembled

Spat says this LP sells for alot now

tENT plays excerpt from Vujicsics Tihamér's 1970s "Zenés Paródiák" parody on the Hungarian "Qualiton" record label

Ben plays Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention's "Flower Punk" & asks us what it's a parody of - Rob knows right away that it's a parody of "Hey Joe" wch neither Ben & tENT had realized before despite their having know this song for decades

tENT plays Bernd Alois Zimmermann's "Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu" (1966) & asks people to guess what the excerpt played pastiches from - included are Stockhausen's "Klaviersrück IX" + Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyrie" (that's the English version in the liner notes - I've always thought of it "Flight of the Valkyrie") + Berlioz's "March to the Scaffold" from his "Symphonie Fantastique" (wch Matt recognizes)

Ben plays "The Five" 7" EP - 1983 Pittsburgh - includes electronics - as continuation of PGH musician theme - Ben plays their cover of "Angel of the Morning"

Ben plays WRCT sampler 7" w/ Weird Paul & Telecorps - sometime after 1991

Ben plays Special Ed punk band PGH K7 - 1985

Ben plays another PGH LP that shows PPG Place being constructed in background of cover - the text is all in Czech (tENT's best guess)

Matt plays a pastiche piece of his called "On Geraldo"

Matt plays some of David Lynch's new release

Matt plays his own "Wallpaper Music" for bass & bassoon while tENT projects his (silent) "Wallpaper Video" of the News American bldg being wrecked in BalTimOre

Rob reads "To This Day" poem he wrote today

Rob plays a snatch from Magnetic Fields Album "69 Love Songs" - 3 CDs released in 1999 that Rob loves & that he sd were very popular

Rob wants us to listen to it "emotionally"

He plays a bit of a sad one, then 2 happy ones, then a sad one, then a happy one

Frank plays a bit called :Sour Angelica" from a Puccini opera entitled "Senza Mamma" as an example of another highly emotional piece

Talking about Roger Dannenberg & his relationship w/ Finalé software

Talking about alternative currencies

Playing "The Death of Ferdinand de Sassure" by Magnetic Fields

tENT plays Charles Dodge's "Earth's Magnetic Field"

tENT plays Sandy Hurvitz as an example of emotional music released, bizarrely enuf, on an early (1967) version of Zappa's Bizarre label

Ben plays the WHIP IT OUT part of Ian Underwood from the Frank Zappa & the Mother of Invention "Uncle Meat" LP wch Ben & tENT both commiserate on being an important early influence

As Unfinished Symphonies says, A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!


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