mmm018 Sunday, August 26, 2012


18th music meeting (August 26, 2012)








tENT waits on stoop w/ red wine

Ben arrives

Ben & tENT talk about Stockhausen's "Mittwoch aus Light" wch we'd recently witnessed live streaming of

Rob arrives & leaves to get beer

Hyla arrives

Rob returns, we go inside, all 4 play the 4 simultaneous CDs of The Flaming Lips' "Zaireeka" - specifically track 8: "The Big Ol' Bug is the New Baby Now"

Rob gives Ben a CD copy of Art Pepper's "The Discovery Sessions" - tracks 1 & 2: "Nutmeg" & "The Way You Look Tonight"

Rob says "This Mahavishnu stuff is hilarious" & we listen to "The Noonward Race" from "The Inner Mounting Flame"

Hyla says there was a marionette theater for adults in Shady Side for 20 yrs & tells the story about learning about it

tENT talks about Charles Henri Valentine Morhage Alkan & plays a recording of Ronald Smith playing the 1st mvmt of Alkan's "Trois Grande Etudes pour les Deux Mains Separés et Réunies"

- the 1st mnmt's for left hand only

Ben plays the Tom Lehrer Collection DVD:

"Live in Oslo 1967":

"National Brotherhood Week" & "The Vatican Rag"

1980 tv show - the Michael Parkinson Show:

"I got it from Agnes"

1998: "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"

Hyla plays "A Ditty of Sunan" erhu (& other instruments) music played by Chen Jie-Bing from "Spirit on 2 Strings" CD + "Galloping War Horses" - wch tENT points out as another example of what he calls "Giddyup Music"

Simultaneously looking at Lehrer songbook:

"Smut" & "A Christmas Carol", etc..

Hyla plays Eyvind Kang (student w/ Michael White - Hyla went to school w/ him)

She plays a Tzadik CD called "The Story of Iceland"

(Kang's Icelandic/Korean) - track 05:

2nd half of "Hour of Fair Karma"

- oud, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, percussion w/ 2 other musicians (one's Bill Frissell)

Talking about Bill Frissell

Talking about the Brainpang instigated originality thread on mm

Rob brings up 3 points about originality

Ben leaves @ 9:05

Hyla plays Eyvind Kang's "7 Nades" CD

- he's a concept album kindof a guy - tracks 7 & 8

tENT plays his new sampling piece entitled

"The Only Jealousy of Cascando McKenna"

Here's version 10 of it that tENT recorded the next day:

[the original minutes included an MP3 that's not included here]

Rob plays 1st track of his new "Moustache Brothers" CD recorded w/ his former guitar student Issac playing circuit-bent instruments

- CD's called "Testicle Brain" - we listen to 1st 3 tracks:

"Happy Head"

"Testicle Brain"

"The Last of the Mohicans"

tENT plays "Life Would be Wonderful: from Residents' DVD "Demons Dance Alone" (2002)

Rob & Hyla leave 10:30ish

A good time was had by all (probably)



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