mmm050 Thursday, January 1, 2015: Frank & Concetta's


mm50 (petit mm1 -- 01/01/15)

[hosting by Concetta & Frank, minutes by Frank - THANKS!!]

--tENT arrives

--negroni "sbagliati" are made (where prosecco is substituted for gin)

--tENT plays "CHOPPING CART" (May 6, 1985) by Herr Stilletto Studios, aka Frank Schreiner, documenting the creation of a chair initially identified in Frank & Concetta's book "1000 Chairs" (Taschen 2000)

--tENT discusses his movie "mm49: Vivian Fine Marathon" in contrast to "Old Boy"

-- general discussion on how communicative exchange embodied in mm49 is normatively superior to human violence and vice embodied in Old Boy

--Rob and Jackie arrive!

--crackers, salami, cheese abound; general holiday cheer leads to exchanges...

--Rob gives Frank outa-space, just can't win, and three volumes of dirty poetry (beginning with tone deaf, random, and rise to the occasion) [Frank is listening to outa-space as he types this]

--tENT gives Frank It's Always 6 O'C'Clock - SDR 4 and SDR 7 presumably in response to the fact that Frank has noted in the past that he is collecting the series

--Frank gives Rob Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messien

--Frank gives tENT Heitor Villa-Lobos 12 Etudes and 5 Preludes

--Frank plays "Two Hearts" by Richard Feliciano from The Waltz Project

--Frank plays "In Memoriam -- Maurice Ravel" by Robert Moran from the same album

--Frank plays "Modern Love Waltz" by Philip Glass from the same album

--Frank plays "Minute Waltz" by Milton Babbit from the same album

Robert Moran Biography from back cover of The Waltz Project:

a native of Denver, Colorado, studied composition with Hans Erich Apostel, Darius Milhaud and Luciano Berio. His extensive output includes gigantic events (as noted by tENT) for ENTIRE CITIES (San Francisco, Bethlehem (PA), Graz)... and many chamber works including "Wallpaper III" written at the request of James Galway...

--Jackie mentions her contact with James Galway and recalls his involuntary Rapid Eye Movement

--Rob plays his music video of "Broken-Hearted Waltz" in response to the Waltz Project

[tENT interpolation: "Broken-Hearted Pete"]

--tENT plays Cole Porter's "Overture" to Anything Goes (1934) noting that the sound FX lean toward American futurism

--Concetta introduces topic of the relationship of poetry/text to contemporary music

--Rob discusses physicality of brain and its potential divisions that tend to focus on words versus music

--Concetta plays Luigi Nono, Ha Venido, i.e. "It has come" from the album "Quando Stanno Morendo" (When they are dying)

--tENT mentions Henze

--general discussion regarding various interpretations and tastes of mmers of text's relationship to music

--tENT plays Emilio el Moro, EXITOS de, i.e. Emilio's "Successes" for the vocalism and jocularity of the performer

--general discussion about Emilio as a jocular ham or his producers as out-of-touch racists

--Jackie opines that Emilio is a ham; Concetta opines that his producers are racist

--general discussion on how to reconcile the differences

--Rob plays "Little bit of Luck..." from My Fair Lady

--Rob plays Theme Song for the Road Runner cartoon

--Rob plays Car 54 Where are You?

--discussion on comedic aspect of lyrics

--Jackie draws broad analogy of comedic aspects to serious aspects of Nono lyrics (earlier) and avant-garde lyrics generally

--Jackie departs

--Frank introduces Harnoncourt's L'Incoronazione di Poppea by Claudio Monteverdi by noting that Harnoncourt is known for attempting to accurately recreate 16th century opera instruments and voices

--general discussion of castrati

--Farinelli (1994) movie noted

--Frank plays Frank Martin's Piano Quintet from the album of the same name

--Concetta plays Tariniana Seconda by Luigi dalla Piccola from Musiche di Luigi dalla Piccola

--Frank plays Waterfalls by John Klemmer from The Saxophone: A Critical Analytic Guide to the Major Trends in the Development of the Contemporary Saxophone

--Concetta plays Bitter Street from Rhoda Scott and Kenny Clarke's Jazz in Paris

--Frank plays Conversation Piece, Heavy Sledding, and Mood Songs by Secret Music Society

--tENT plays excerpts from his 111th feature film, "mm49: Vivian Fine Marathon"

[Rob shoots part of his movie, "numbers don't lie" - unfinished symphonies - January-June, 2015, using Concetta & tENT]

--Rob agrees that everything is Fine and that a good time was had by all on January 1, 2015



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