mmm076 CD

People (or other non-human forms with moolah) who are interested in procuring a copy of this CD can email tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE at: idioideo at verizon dot net to ask about how to do so. The cost is $10 per CD + shipping (to be determined) & money can be deposited in the Personal PayPal account associated with the above email. DON'T DO THAT WITHOUT WRITING ME (tENT) FIRST or I won't know what the money's for, will I? Or who to send it to! That sort of thing.



AG Davis

Noah Rectenwald

{AN} EeL

Warren Burt


How Things Are Made (Matt Aelmore, David Bernabo, Brian Riordan)

Lu-Han Li

Michael Boyd (University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra directed by Roger Zahab)

Ben Opie

How Things Get Broken (Ben Opie; Pamelia Stickney; tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIECE; cameo appearances by Heather Kelley; Aulver Stickney)


The mms (m(usic(ian's))m(eetings) have gone through a significant variety of changes since their inception in November, 2011. Starting in February of 2016 all of the 16 mms except for one (the one at Ben Opie's house) were centered around specific instruments & movie-making from their playing to be sampled from for my 'opera', "Endangered Languages, Endangered Cultures, Endangered Ideas". The last of those instrument-specific mms for the 'opera' was mm 75.

The next step has been to create a 2nd CD (the 1st was "MM 26") collecting work by people who had been participants in mms AND, significantly, people who hadn't but who had caught my personal interest in some way. The theme of the CD being "Amusical Music Atheatrical Theater" this "some way" largely meant people that I thought/felt could contribute something significant to the theme.

I made a short "MM 76 Ad" in 16/9 aspect ratio & 4/3 aspect ratio that shows the packaging & provides short excerpts from the beginnings of everyone's pieces. People wishing to buy copies of the CD can write to me at idioideo at verizon dot net to express interest & we can take it from there. This was published in an edition of 300 of which I, personally, only have 47 (actually less than that as I give them to radio stations) so if you want one from me it's unclear how long the supply will last.

"MM 76 Ad" (16/9) on my onesownthoughts YouTube channel here:

"MM 76 Ad" (4/3) on Vimeo here:









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