"bAd Haircut"



"bAd Haircut": Life in 2020 is a regular Shit Show, "A situation or event marked by chaos or controversy." Even that doesn't do it justice.

Civil Liberties have been largely suspended & the politically-minded who would traditionally oppose such a state are embracing Big Brother with a masochistic & delusional fervor.

In the meantime, other, more conservative forces, have protested the QUARANTYRRANY as an excessive over-reaction & are demanding a return to 'normal'. Such folks have perfectly good reasons to be upset, such as the endangerment of their financial stability, but they're mocked as if they're just upset because they can't go to their barbers.

Hence, because of all this talk about "bad haircuts", haircuts not given by professional barbers, I decided to get with it & get one myself. After all, I haven't had a 'professional' haircut since I was 15 - 51 years ago.

In the meantime, doctors & hospitals in New York City appear to be setting a new low standard for the already abysmal American health care system by making a killing off of COVID-19 deaths. As usual the poor are expendable & profit-making for the rich.

On what I consider to be the more valid end of the spectrum there're widespread protests against the ongoing problem of police murdering citizens with impunity. It's my opinion that if you give someone means of superior force & make it practically impossible for them to ever face any legal consequences they will become homicidal maniacs.

But the Shit Show really hits its stride with the usual mass media fear-mongering & highly profitable sensationalism.


Because, what the fuck, once the mass media's involved, if the so-called 'news' doesn't end with violence what good is it for keeping the boobs glued to the boob-tube?!

That's where POLICE THEATER comes in. If you see a police car burn how do you know it wasn't set on fire by the police themselves?! HHMM?! It's just so damned convenient that an unguarded cop car is left parked at the end of a march - the end being typically when things get most chaotic as people are still keyed-up & angry & not willing to just go home & call it a day.

I don't really mind the "chaos" or the "controversy". What I do mind is how much shit is being forced on us by the ruling elites.

But, then, I have a bAd attitude.

- June 13, 2020 (Vision) notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

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