1976. language by tentatively, a convenience

As explained in I'm thinking that.. , in the mid 1970s when I was in my early twenties I was trying to formulate a personal philosophy & then trying to apply that as a base for developing my language use. Here I attempt to explain how I conceive of language & I frame it within an opening quotation mark (") to imply that all language pre-exists its user, followed by the Latin abbreviation for "for example" (eg) to imply that the main body of the text is an example rather than something definitive, followed by the main body of the text ending with a question mark (?) implying that the text is more of a question than an answer, ending with a close quotation mark ("). This & I'm thinking that.. are probably my 2 main language philosophy statements of that time. "ktp" is the Esperanto abbreviation for "et cetera". "CWMCRT" is an abbreviation I created to mean: "Currently Within My Conspicuous Reach Territory", meaning: 'as far as I 'know'' or some such.


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