1976. I'm thinking that.. by tentatively, a convenience

In my attempts to clarify my personal philosophy & how it might serve as a base for developing my personal language use I explored both increased ambiguity & attempts at accurate analysis. Both were (& still are) useful. I had already developed a way of writing that began with an open quotation mark (") followed by the Latin abbreviation for "for example" (eg) followed by the main body of the text ended by a question mark (?) followed by a closed quotation mark ("). The idea was to indicate that language is intrinsically a quote in the sense that the language used is not personal to the user, that the main body of the text is just an example of a possibility & not definitive, & that the main body of the text is more of a question than it is an answer. For a text that introduces this approach read this: 1976. language . Here, I try to analyze as directly as I can what I'm trying to do. Note that the typewriter paper gradually torqued as the paper went through it - causing the text to slant downward toward the right. This is not intentional on my part & shouldn't be ascribed any meaning other than what I just explained.


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