the piece itself

To paraphrase my explanation of the dating of "Self-Portrait - 7 11 21",

1st, I dated this "9/9/21/22":

As I explained in the "Dos & Don'ts of Dating" chapter in my 2005 book entitled "footnotes":

"I was interested in undermining the structural controls that religions impose on society thru systems that're so vernacular that they're barely noticed by most people - in this case thru calendars. The common practice in the society that I more or less live in is to date relative to the birth of 'Christ'. Hence we have AD (anno Domini - Latin for "in the year of [our] Lord") & BC (generally Anglicized as an abbreviation for "Before Christ"). Thus, one of my 1st date-relevant tasks was to de-Christianize my own dating."

I chose my own birthday as the starting point. Following this logic, "9/9/21/22" would mean "September 9 in the year when I was 21 & 22 or September 9, 1975". Fortunately, I don't have to wonder which of the "9"s are the month or the day since it works out the same either way. Furthermore, I don't have to puzzle over whether I meant to start the year from my actual birthdate or just from the conventional 1st month of my birthyear since I'm fairly certain that the "21/22" means that I was both 21 & 22 that year.

As elsewhere noted regarding "Self-Portrait 7 11 21" & "man smoking cigar profile" I was being perverse insofar as I, 1st, labeled an 'abstraction' a "self-portrait", 2nd, used an ambiguously representational drawing as graphic notation (although there would've certainly been much more substantial precedents for this - such as Cathy Berberian's 1966 "Stripsody"), & 3rd, used text on staff paper as graphic notation. I imagine all 3 of these deviations had precedent but they were still unusual at the time.

"HOW TO" & "AN ACCESSIBLE PIEC" (implied to continue to form the word "PIECE") are easily read. Slightly less obvious are the 2 occurences each of "while occupied elsewhere" & "taughtingtowrite":

One could assemble those phrases into something like "the piece itself" consists of "HOW TO" "taughtingtowrite" "AN ACCESSIBLE PIEC"E "while occupied elsewhere" "deliberately" with this text then being "the piece itself" by virtue of its being written on staves, no matter how disorientingly. Perhaps this text would be delivered by a

whose name might be "deliberately": & who might also be the (d) composer insofar as the word "deliberately" is placed where signatures are traditionally placed.




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