mmm001 Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hi there,

These are the 1st music meeting minutes (mmm01). I'm going to try to keep a minimal outline of what happens in each meeting to keep those of you who've expressed interest informed.










Frank brought the scores to John Cage's piano pieces "In a Landscape" & "Quest" & we looked at those & tENT showed the score for Cage's "Concerto for Piano (prepared) & Chamber Orchestra". Somewhat irrelevantly to the focus of these meetings, tENT also showed 2 Russian SF novels that he'd recently acquired that were published in Moscow in English.

Spat brought a 45 entitled "A Glorious Dawn" that used the voice of Carl Sagan & we listened to that after some fumbling around w/ getting a turntable to work.

Unfinished Symphonies (Rob) then screened his latest music video: "Another World".

We discussed how often to meet & wkly was rejected in favor of biwkly or mnthly. tENT picked biwkly. THE NEXT mm IS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 7:30PM @ tENT's.

tENT decided to make the starting time 7:30 to make it easier for Rob to get there if he works 'til 7 again.

Frank brought a recording of Herbert Henck playing Cage's "Quest" & we listened to that.

There was discussion about Cage - esp regarding his use of 'randomness' & Amy joined us for awhile to discuss that in relation to poetry.

Frank played the beginning of Cage's "In a Landscape" on tENT's piano @ 2 different tempos (@ 80bpm as specified by the score & slower) so that we cd discuss wch we thought sounded best.

tENT played the beginning of a recording of Stephen Drury playing "In a Landscape". He seemed to play it as specified by the score. Then Frank played the beginning of a recording of Herbert Henck playing "In a Landscape". He seemed to play it considerably slower - perhaps @ 60bpm.

Spat left sometime around here or earlier.

Kenny played the 1st track off his band "Zout"'s demo. It was a 1926 Klezmer piece that Kenny played the Bb clarinet part of in a fairly authentic manner while the bass & drums updated the rhythm. Zout consists of Spat: bass, Kenny: clarinet, Swifty: jaw harp, Jason: drums.

Rob told a story about being stopped busking in Shady Side by the police b/c someone had complained that he was playing loud (true) & that he was singing "satanic" lyrics (false).

tENT screened footage of him busking in London & Dundee using the "booed usic busking unit" - his portable "concrete mixing studio". The footage in Dundee was from a shopping mall. He, too, was stopped by the police.

tENT screened footage from the premier of the "SonLuminous" @ an event that Kenny organized last yr.

Kenny mentioned that "Zout" will be playing @ the Gypsy Café on the South Side on Friday, Dec 16, 2011 - 2 sets: 9 & 10:30PM.

Kenny probably left around here.

The Dirty Poet (Rob) read his "Back Up" poem inspired by an encounter w/ the police.

tENT played the beginning of the John Cage / Kenneth Patchen 'collaboration' "The City Wears a Slouch Hat".

tENT played his "Whoop-Up @ the Funny Farm" track from the Luther Blissett "Open Pop Star" CD.

tENT projected the beginning of the movie of Xenakis' "La Légende D'Eer".

tENT played a tape of a novelty jazz piece called "Bahnfahrt" from the Folkways 1957 "Sound of New Music" record. The piece has no attribution on the record & tENT doesn't have the packaging for the LP (only the LP itself). On the record, the next piece is by Aleksandr Mossolov so tENT had put this piece on a Mossolov tape (w/ a note saying it's probably not by him).

tENT played the beginning of the next piece on the tape: Herbert Henck playing Mossolov's "Sonata No. 2" - wch Frank had also brought a recording of.

This was followed by a discussion of the mediocritizing of Russian culture by Socialist Realism.

Rob & Frank left. The meeting lasted a little less than 3.5 hrs.



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