mmm002 Sunday, December 11, 2011

2nd music meeting minutes (mmm02):




Ben Opie







Ben brings a Steve Lacy record w/ a cut on it for my Jazz Titles project & I record it.

Pre-meeting talk about Resurrect Dead movie about Toynbee Tiles.

tENT showed Communist Manifesto record by Erwin Schulhoff.

Anthony gave tENT his Pairings / Birth Plan record. [as tENT writes this he's listening to this record for the 4th or 5th time]

Frank starts discussion of monophony as stimulated by his reading of Future of Music by Edward Dent.

Listened to 1st track of the "Pairings" side of Anthony's record.

Listened to the beginning of the "Ours is the World" section of Schulhoff's "Communist Manifesto" record.

Listened to the beginning of Steve McCaffery's translation of the "Communist Manifesto" in West Riding of Yorkshire dialect (at PennSound) (mp3 here: )

Listened to the beginning of Schulhoff's "Flammen" & discussed he death in a concentration camp. Passed around The Music Survives boxset. [tENT also has a CD w/ Schulhoff's "Ogelala", "Suite", & "Symphony No. 2" if anybody's interested in hearing more by him]

German, Swedish, & French hiphop discussed.

Spat shows us "Is We Is" movie on YouTube that's a sortof 1983 hiphop promo for getting a prison in Flora, Illinois

Spat shows us a John Zorn YouTube thing from the recent Christmas release - the "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" part.

Ben mentions that his ultimate Holy Grail record is a compilation of pro- J. Edgar Hoover PSAs.

Kenny shows us the YouTube movie made to the original "Santa Claus doesn't cop out on Dope" song.

Frank plays a piece by Hildegard von Bingen & asks if we can harmonize to it.

We listen to another piece that Ben brought for my Jazz Titles project: Thelonius Monk's "Ruby, My Dear"

We listen to & reject 2 versions of a possible addition to the Jazz Titles project pantheon: Charlie Parker's "Klact-Oveedseds-Tene"

I suggested playing something by Ben's group Watershed 5tet to expose Frank & Anthony to his work. Ben picked "Baragon" from the "Live at Mr. Small's" CD-R & "Coil Spring" from the Circuit Breaker CD.

Anthony discusses a DC band called "zs".

We tried to listen to a Mingus 78 that Spat brought but I cdn't get the player to work right.

Ben played some of the 100 Lock Grooves 7" that he's on - including his track.

Spat passed around a "Destroy all Monsters" boxed single that he brought.

Spat played a little of Clara Rockmore's theremin record.

General discussion of the theremin.

tENT screened the short version of his "Space Ballet" movie - interrupting it frequently to see whether anyone recognized any of the soundtrack. Amy recognized an excerpt from my "Shuffle Mode" & Ben recognized other parts.

Kenny played a recording of Tony Scott's "Swara Sulina (The Beautiful Sound of the Flute)" from Nov 1967.

Spat left.

tENT gets the 1st mm award from Frank for having gone furthest "east".

tENT screens beginning of YouTube version of his "Spectral Evidence" trailer w/ music by Lungs Face Feet

tENT screens beginning of feature version of his "Spectral Evidence" w/ music by Arnold Schönberg.

Frank plays recording of "Trainline" by Dr. One on Dialectric Records from SF or somewhere north of there.

11:05: Kenny, Anthony, Ben left.

tENT screens beginning of Schönberg's Moses und Aron as realized by the Vienna Stadtoper for Frank.

Discussion of opera goes to midnight when Frank has to leave.

Amy & tENT watch 2nd half of My War Years: Arnold Schoenberg.



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