mmm006 Sunday, February 12, 2012


6th music meeting (February 12, 2012) minutes (mmm06):







Ben Opie


Rob arrives.

tENT plays a tape that starts off w/ some of his whistling sampling.

Amy brings out chips & carrots & hummus.

Rob shows Hedy's Folly bk about Hedy Lamar's inventions - in particular her coinvention w/ composer/pianist George Antheil of a type of torpedo.

tENT shows Antheil's autobiography Bad Boy of Music.

Greg arrives w/ 78s & a player.

Rob summarizes a newspaper article about thefts of tubas & sousaphones from schools b/c of Banda music popularity.

tENT sampling tape has moved into vocal pieces & reworkings of samples of the great Canadian violinist David Prentice.

Talk about Prentice.

tENT plays record of Southe American music w/ a leaf as a melody instrument & asks attendees to guess what the instrument is. Amy guesses blade of grass!

tENT plays a tape of him playing blade of grass & asks people to guess what the instrument is.

Greg plays video of Wilbur Hall playing violin on Spike Jones' tv show. It is absolutely incredible - presumably a Vaudeville routine that the guy had practiced & performed thousands of times.

More talk about Antheil.

Rob plays a CD of the Swedish Sax Septet playing "The Limping Waltz".

Rob shows his new music video "Long Division" wch has a c/u of his mouth w/ him lip-syncing his vocal part.

Ben arrives & gives me his 2nd Flexure CD-R & Albert Brooks' Comedy Minus One LP.

Ben also brought unusually packaged recordings wch he starts showing.

Ben shows Brooks' A Star is Bought LP the cover for wch can be turned into a picture frame for putting in the 'signed' picture of Brooks that comes w/ the record.

Ben shows Propane Beef Dog & Meat's "split single" wch is, literally, a single that's been broken in half.

Ben shows a Runzelstirn / Gurgelstock CD that has a hand-painted CD & case & wch starts off w/ a recording of a saw followed by a broken record.

Greg plays "Der Fuerher's Face" 78 - performed by Johnny Bond & his Red River Valley Boys (rather than the Spike Jones version some of us are familiar w/) - It's on the Okeh label.

More talk about Hedy Lamar & David Durston (director of I Drink Your Blood).

Greg plays flipside of previous 78 w/ Johnny Bond et al's "I'm a Prisoner of War on a Foreign Shore".

We show Wilbur Hall video again for Ben to see.

tENT shows his "Philosopher's Union Member's Mouthpiece: Emma Elizabeth Downing" in response to Rob's video since it, too, is a c/u of a mouth.

Ben shows Nocturnal Emissions CD packaged in diaper called "Mouth of Babes".

Ben shows Soviet France record packaged between tin or aluminum sheets.

tENT shows Christian Marclay's Record Without a Cover.

Ben shows Art Bears single w/ silkscreening on it from Recommended Records.

tENT shows Centipede Eest record Surf Licks and the Wall of Sound for World Peace wch has a plastic flower on the cover.

Greg plays whistling 78 on Victor label: Margaret McKee's "In Venice, An Italian Serenade".

Greg plays the flipside of that 78 - "The Birds and the Brook" by the Victor Orchestra w/ whistling by the same woman & "Bird Warbling by Belmont".

Greg plays another whistling 78: "Echos of the Dance" w/ Sibyl Sanderson Fagin whistling w/ the Rega Dance Orchestra.

Amy talks about & demonstrates whistling w/ fingers in her mouth.

Ben demonstrates making sound by squeezing the air in his cupped hands.

Greg plays flipside of last 78: "Hawaiian Nightingale" w/ Virginia Burt doing vocal imitations of a Hawaiian guitar.

Ben says that the great vocalist Cathy Berberian is reputed to've not been able to whistle.

tENT plays a tape by "The Man Who Plays Music On His Fingers" by an Australian street performer.

tENT plays some of Leo Eide's Whistling Virtuoso record.

Ben plays a hilarious cut off an Albert Brooks record that has blues guitarist & vocalist Albert Brooks on it.

tENT plays the beginning of Michael Snow's "W in the D" - a whistling record where he whistles in a different way for each breath.

Ben plays a little of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown LP from tENT's collection.

tENT improvises a version of his "troAc Fragm" sampler piece.

Ben mentions "Motor Booty Affair" LP w/ paper dolls of the band members in it.

tENT shows the HiTEC Systems Management package w/ the paper dolls of the Systems Managers as part of the packaging.

tENT shows the beginning of the Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock movie.

Ben tells us about playing a gig friday nite & dropping & breaking his alto sax that he's had since 1983.



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