mmm005 Sunday, January 29, 2012


371. a. "mm 05"

- a quasi-document of the 5th "mm" (music meeting)

- featuring tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE; Unfinished Symphonies; Spat Cannon; Greg Pierce; Ben Opie

- shot January 29, 2012

- edited made July 12-13, 2012

- 1:02:23

b. "mm 05" (YouTube version)

- edit made July 14-15, 2012

- 15:51

- onesownthoughts YouTube channel URL:


5th music meeting (January 29, 2012) minutes (mmm05):







Ben Opie


Rob arrives bringing 2 CD-Rs:

Klonk, a mix CD, w/ various pop tunes on it wch Rob explains to me he's giving it to me b/c it's got music on it I wdn't otherwise listen to. I listened to it the next day & found it to have mostly things I wdn't listen to + a few people I'm vaguely familiar w/ (Jonathan Richman, Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot) + a few that I've known reasonably well at one time (Dr. John, The Monkees, Mountain)

& Unfinished Symphonies' latest hit EP - wch I'm listening to as I write this

Spat arrives bringing the "Musically Mad" LP & the Anthony Braxton LP that Pittsburgh local Manny Theiner put out from the concert that Ben Opie organized

Amy makes a cameo appearance & then goes back to bed b/c she's sick

Greg arrives w/ a turntable for playing 78RPM records & a 16mm projector

Ben Opie arrives w/ 2 John Trubee records

tENT presented a brief live projection performance of the revitalized SonLuminous. I play the SL in the (M)Usic rm while its image in projected onto the screen in the vaudeo rm. I was able to do this b/c I rebuilt the SL slightly & placed a camera on it lower down than I'd originally done. Then I attached the output from that to an A/V transmitter & had the receiver end at the video projector

tENT played some Coyle & Sharpe - starting off w/ their folk singer hoax & then playing 2 man-on-the-street hoaxes

tENT showed the beginning of the movie "Wolfen" b/c there're Bertoia sound sculptures at the site of the 1st murders in that

Rob tries out the roll-up piano

Greg screens a 16mm Sonambient film that shows Bertoia playing his sculptures

tENT gives out copies of his "Concrete Mixing: 1976-2011" disc to the attendees. It's a 2 day, 13 hr, 2 minute, 43 second DVD-R w/ 269 mp3 tracks presenting a partial history of his electro-acoustic work

Discussion prompted by Rob's presentation of how noise is differentiated from music in a bk that he brought

General discussion of what people like

Ben plays Errol Garner 78 & tells story about Errol's brother Ernie

Greg played Art Tatum 78

Ben plays flipside of Garner 78 not by Garner w/ "Flash" on drums (hypothesized to be someone under conflicting contract who can't legally be identified), Charlie Ventura on sax, & George Walters (? - handwritten notes hard to decipher here) on piano - "Limehouse Blues"

All of the preceding discs were on Moses Asch's label - the guy who created Folkways

Spat plays "Bee Boogie Boo" 78 on Bell Tone Records

Greg plays Spike Jones & the City Slickers' "Jones Laughing record featuring the Flight of the Bumblebee" 78

Greg follows this w/ race label Okeh's "Laughing Record" 78

Spat plays Martha Raye's "Ooh, Dr. Kinsey!" 78

tENT continues the laughing theme w/ Bonzo Dog Band's "Slush" (Neil Innes)

We all seem to agree that the Spike Jones is the best of the laughing lot

Ben plays Dizzy Gillespie's "Groovin' High" 78

Spat plays Dizzy Gillespie's "You Stole My Wife - You Horse Thief" 78 on wch Dizzy Gillespie sings

Rob plays 2 new tunes on the piano

Ben plays John Trubee's "Blind Man's Penis" 45 in continuation of mm 04's discussion

Ben plays a cut off of John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America "The Communists Are Coming to Kill Us!" LP

tENT plays his "Called" on the piano

Spat plays Bernie Green & the Stereo Madmen's "Musically Mad" 33 parody of Wagner

Spat plays the Braxton in Pittsburgh LP w/ 3 phenomenal solos from Lou Sterrone (? not sure about his last name), Roger Dannenberg, & Ben Opie

We call it a nite around 10:35ish

tENT proposes whistling theme for mm 06 but it's decided to leave things open

Ben mentions composer Henri Pousseur in passing, tENT watches documentary about him the next day called "Hommage au Sauvage: A Portrait of Henri Pousseur" wch he made a VHS copy of in case anyone wants to check it out




The next mm, mm 06, will be Sunday, February 12, 2012, 7:30PM, tENT's house



I, tENT, am interested in possibly making mm a crude list-serv. The idea is that people cd send emails to my address on musical subjects & I cd forward them BCC to the mm list. This way, people cd participate in mm w/o having to live in Pittsburgh. This wdn't be a public thing. Each of us cd propose friends as non-local participants. I propose my friend "Brainpang" who lives in New Jersey b/c he's very interested in music. Some of you might remember him from my "DEPOT" documentary. I wdn't want a huge crowd involved for the moment so that my email acct won't be overwhelmed & I'd want to be careful to only invite friends b/c I want to avoid spam. Does anyone object?


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