mmm014 Sunday, July 1, 2012


14th music meeting (July 1, 2012)




Ben Opie




tENT sits on stoop w/ red wine w/ Ligetti's "Poéme Symphonique" (1962) for 100 metronomes playing inside & birds & cars & bikes outside

tENT watches Martha Rosler's "Semiotics of the Kitchen" on his iJones at Hyla's prompting (she sent him the link)

Ben Opie arrives

Hyla arrives bringing Yuengling lager

Hyla talks about survey in NYC re artists getting pd The Kitchen arts space comes out lookin' good

Ben gets his 2 Cage CDs back & there's discussion of the # pieces

Talking about Cage's "A Dip in the Lake"

Ben tells his Ligetti story: 2 yrs ago a Katrina displacee some people who become Ben's neighbor (one's possibly a Holocaust survivor). They invite Ben over for wine & cheese & they tell a story about going to a concert that had a Ligetti piece & this neighbor actually knew Ligetti as a kid

Rob arrives

Ben talks about meeting Lukas Ligetti (Gyorgy's son) who's a percussionist & he & Ben played on the same bill at Garfield Art Works.

Lukas played Buchla Electronic Marimba

Ben talks about Buchla he played at Pitt

Talking about Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Rob saw him at the Lone Star Café in NYC

tENT shows video of Canned Heat w/ Brown where Brown takes a great very showmanesque solo

Rob says Brown didn't like to be called a blues musician b/c he did so much more

Rob plays John Bull's (mid 1600s) "The King's Hunt" for harpsichord as his "favorite pop song of the era" & says it's like a '60s pop song

Hyla says it's like a pinball machine

tENT plays an excerpt from a CD he got sent in the mail. He plays Elaine Barkin's "Xtet: Last Dance for Milton" (as in Milton Babbitt who died recently) (2011) from the Open Space 29 CD

Ben plays Tuvan music "Deep in the Heart of Tuva" CD in continuation of the great vocalist theme the bit played is an 11 yr old boy w/ an incredible deep voice

Rob says PGH local Steve Pelligrino can throat sing

Hyla talks about friend Gordon who toured Tuva playing Jaw Harp

Ben plays Dodo Marmarosa "Dodo's Bounce" (late 1946? - recorded in CA)

Hyla talks about Terry Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkle who released a terrabyte thing deliberately hard to pirate

Ben plays more Marmarosa: "Moose the Mooch" (1958 - "Moose" being Mararosa's nickname) wch is a Charlie Parker tune - recorded in PGH

Rob talks about the James Street Tavern's new basement bar called The Speak-Easy & says it's a good music venue

We ask Ben if he ever had a nickname: highschool: Ben "Sax-Maniac" Opie

Rob premiers his latest hit video by his group "The Patchy Infiltrators" (a reference to checking for pneumonia) called "See You at Jack's". The band's all respiratory therapists. Cameo appearance of a BIll Clinton cut-out wearing a HiTEC towel

Ben shows a record on Sun Ra's Saturn label's sub-label "Thoth Intergalactic" - a version of "Magic City" by Sun Ra

Talking about Sun Ra's "Space is the Place" movie at great length wch segues into "The Seventh Seal" by Bergman

Ben plays "The Soul Vibrations of Man" (1976) - another Sun Ra release on Saturn that's somewhat unusual for Ra. It has lyrics like: "Why go the moon? Try Pluto too"

Hyla plays Dianna Rogerson's "The Inevitable Chrystal Bell Scrodd Record" - specifically "Reach for Your Gun" & "Cradle Your Snatch" (1983 or 84)

Ben pulls "The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion" Nurse with Wound LP from tENT'S collection & shows it around to show that Rogerson is one that

tENT plays track of Henry Vestine from Canned Heat playing w/ Albert Ayler: "Drudgery" (1969)

tENT plays Bonzo Dog Band's "Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?" from the album "Urban Spaceman" & then "My Pink Half of the Drainpipe" & "11 Moustachioed Daughters"

Then, by request, the Bonzo's "Intro & Outro" from "Gorrilla"

Ben pulls out "House of Duh" record/tape from tENT's collection that he'd forgotten he had - this was an Ed-Um project (PGH).

Ben talks about how one yr the House of Duh made a tape every day in April

Hyla pulls out Chemistry Set LP (1988) wch she brought for Spat to hear (hint: SPAT: people have been bringing stuff esp for you!)

tENT plays track from David Bernabo / Host Skull record "Totally Fatalist"

tENT plays 4 Aphex Twin videos:


"Donkey Rhubarb"

"Come to Daddy"

"Wind Licker"

The party breaks up & a good time was had by all (as per ush)



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