mmm015 Sunday, July 15, 2012


15th music meeting (July 15, 2012)





Ben Opie





tENT sits on stoop waiting for arrivals

Spat pulls up w/ 2 6-packs of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

tENT gives Spat a copy of the mm 05 feature DVD-R

Spat gives tENT a 3 speed turntableBen Opie arrives

Spat gives Ben the Batman record w/ Sun Ra, John Gilmore, etc

Spat gives tENT Yeats Plays records

Ben gives Spat A.T.S. 45 that he's on

Hyla arrives

tENT gives Ben & Hyla copies of the mm 05 feature

Hyla gives tENT a zither! & scores dating back to 1886 (if not earlier)

Ben shows X-Men comic from 1967 w/ full page ad for the Mothers of Invention's "We're Only In It For The Money" LP

Ben shows Spat the only "The Normal" 45 he knows of wch has "T.V.O.D." & "Warm Leatherette" on it

We go inside

Ben plays "T.V.O.D." side & discovers that the record's misspressed & that "T.V.O.D."'s on both sides

Ben plays Philly-based "Crash Course in Science" EP (1979) w/ "Kitchen Motors", "mechanical Breakdown", & "Cakes in the Home"

Hyla plays "Mother Tongue"'s LP, the "Humble Man" track (1988) - on the Touch label

Frank arrives

Talking about Chris Watson becoming a sound recordist for the BBC - he was in Cabaret Voltaire & The Hafler Trio

Ben talks about an assignment he gave his students to find something at the library & write about it & about how one student found a Halfer Trio recording & wrote about it & about how Ben explained to him that the original Hafler trio text was all a hoax

Hyla plays another Mother Tongue track

tENT shows mm 05 YouTube version movie

Kenny arrives

tENT talks about Giddyup Music - a genre that he says exists & that the Mad record that's in mm 05 uses in its Wagner parody

On the subject of composer's recordings that sound horrible tENT plays George Antheil's "Peter Pokes a Pig" wch he explains is not really fair to Antheil since it was just a casual song he made for his very young son so THEN tENT plays Antheil's "Jazz Symphony" as played by Ensemble Modern to round things out a bit (thanks to Brainpang for these recordings)

Amy calls & says "discordant chords" at tENT's prompting for her to contribute to the meeting

Ben plays "The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale" (the Batman / Sun Ra record Spat gave him) One track has Jaw Harp

Ben plays "Dancing Cigarettes" 7" EP (1980)

Ben plays "Furious Pig" record that can be played at any speed

tENT had commented earlier that he'd never met anyone else who had the record - tENT has it too

tENT plays Siobhan McKenna & Cyril Cusack reading from Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" (wch he'd sampled from for his "Skeletal Remains") in honor of Spat giving him the Yeats record that has the same folks on it

Ben plays "Michael Bass & his Moderately Sized Orchestra" on the MD based prog-rock label Random Radar Records the album called "Painting by Numbers" (1979) Ben played "The Cardiac Arrest Polka" (for Steve Pishock) & "Bluthgeld" (for Philip K. Dick)

Ben plays "For Frank O'Hara" for Spat

Hyla plays Michael White's "Fatima's Garden"

He taught violin in Seattle at Cornish where Hyla went to school

"Michael Walter White (born 24 May 1930) is an American jazz violinist.

White was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up in Oakland, California, taking up the violin when he was nine years old. He first became known in 1965 when he played with the John Handy Quintet at the Monterey Jazz Festival, and recorded three albums with Handy. White was among the first to play the violin in avant-garde jazz, and in the late 1960s became one of the first jazz violinists to play jazz rock fusion (with his band The Fourth Way). He has played with musicians such as Sun Ra, Prince Lasha, McCoy Tyner, Eric Dolphy, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Dorham, Joe Henderson, and Richard Davis. In early 2007, The Michael White Quintet's "Mechanical Man" won in The 6th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Jazz Song.[1]

"White now lives in Los Angeles, California. After a long period of obscurity, in the mid 1990s he was involved in a reunion of the Handy Quintet, and recorded an album as co-leader with Bill Frisell, Motion Pictures (1997). In 2006 White released the album Voices."


Frank & others talking about quotes in music & wondering if there can be such a thing as a footnote in music

tENT calls Amy using the FaceTime feature on his iJones so that she can be seen & heard at the meeting - the phone gets passed around so everyone can say hi

tENT plays Daniel Higgs' "Magic Alphabet" CD w/ Jaw Harp in response to the Jaw Harp part on the Batman record

tENT gives some backstory to Crister Hennix's "The Electric Harpsichord" recording wch at the time of his copy was unreleased but wch is now out:

& there's various things on YouTube about it too:

Ben & Frank leave. Frank leaves his shirt.

Kenny plays Hindemith recorder trio record

Hyla leaves

tENT & Kenny play selection from an Avant-Garde Recorder record tENT has. Kenny picks "Bachtstück" by Erich Urbanner - performed by the Wiener Blockflötenensemble

Spat leaves

Kenny leaves



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