mmm016 Sunday, July 29, 2012: Ilhan Mimaroglu Memorial (pt 1)


16th music meeting (July 29, 2012)






Ben Opie






Hyla arrives

Rob arrives & gives tENT 2 "Secret Music Society" CDs

Ben arrives w/ Mingus' "Changes One" & "Changes Two" on CD & "Me, Myself, An Eye" LP + "eugene Gravatovich & Geogre Flynn play the music of John Cage, George Flynn, Charles Ives, Olivier Messiaen" LP - produced by Mimaroglu

Adam, Sandra, & Blue arrive - small talk

Ben talks about brain-in-a-vat movie called "Project X" by William Castle

Amy comes downstairs & goes back up again

tENT plays tape of:

"Bowery Bum (Visual Study No. 3 after Jean Dubuffet)" - May, 1964 - 2:50 ("Ilhan Mimaroglu Retrospective" K7)

Comparison to stomach sounds, Dubuffet's drawings, Ben Opie: kindof primitive but not in a bad way, probable hand-manipulation of tape source speed

tENT plays tape of:

"Le Tombeau d'Edgar Poe" - Sept-Nov, 1964 - 7:20 ("Electronic Music" LP - Lewin-Richter; Mimaroglu; Avni; Carlos) ("Ilhan Mimaroglu Retrospective" K7)

tENT points out that the text is a poem by Stephen Mallarme (in Français) in case anyone wants to try to understand it

Adam amuses Blue by wagging the op art album cover around

Closer to French Musique Concrete, Sandra says it's like French poetry in a factory from inside a timpani

tENT plays tape of:

"Intermezzo" - Dec, 1964 - 3:05 ("Ilhan Mimaroglu Retrospective" K7)

tENT mentions that everything's very brutal

Ben agrees it's very aggressive

Adam sd it reminds him of what his steps might've felt when he was moving

tENT shows album cover that the next piece is from & Ben shows repro of painting that it's inspired by in Arshille Gorky bk

tENT plays tape of:

"Agony (Visual Study No. 4 after Arshille Gorky)" - 1965 - 9:24 ("Electronic Music" LP - Mimaroglu; Cage; Berio) ("Ilhan Mimaroglu Retrospective" K7)

Anthony arrives in midst of "Agony"

Rob says it sounded like there was alotof play reverb & non-reverb

Hyla says it sounded very familiar & wondered if it had been sampled for movies or something

tENT says: "Only 30 more yrs to go!"

Hyla mentions an animation "Optimizer Customizer"

tENT passes around album cover for next one

tENT plays tape of:

"6 Preludes for Magnetic Tape" - 1966-67 - 15:35 - Preludes I, II, XI, IX, VI, & XII - XII has the voice of Güngör Bozkurt reading a poem by Orhan Veli Kanik ("Electronic Music III" LP - Berio; Druckman; Mimaroglu) ("Ilhan Mimaroglu Retrospective" K7)

Adam stimulates his son Blue's feet in sync w/ the sounds

tENT: ""Prelude I" sounded like piano sounds, "Prelude XII" might've used a Turkish instrument + electronics"

Ben mentions classic LFO synth sound

Adam talks about a portable electronics band that he & Blue have that uses Thingamagoops

Adam, Blue, & Sandra leave

Talking about Turkish ex-pat record producers in NYC

Anthony looks up correct pronunciation of "Mimaroglu" - the "g" is silent

tENT plays tape of:

"Prelude No. 8 (To the Memory of Edgard Varèse)" - 1966 - 3:54 ("Ilhan Mimaroglu Retrospective" K7)

Amy comes back down

tENT speculates on piano interior & thumb piano

Hyla: less bodily noises

Anthony: more focused

tENT plays CD of:

"Prelude No. 10" - 1966 - 1:30 ("Outstanding Warrants" CD)

more generic

Ben says it has a sound that he associates w/ that period 1959-1969

Hyla says: really familiar texture

Rob: familiar perkiness

Anthony: taken w/ his sense of rhythm - carefully handled here

- talking about connection to Gorky,

- Ben talks about Gorky's paintings being very practiced

- comparison to Franz Kline

Anthony: reaction against the pulse

Talking about Pierre Schaeffer at great length

Talking about the post-WWII (French) Musique Concrete (German) vs Purist Serial Electronic Music

Amy talks about local level Battle of the Bands type stuff

Hyla talks about US government introducing "meritocracy" using Middle Eastern women in "American Idol" spin-off - one's called "Sing Egyptian Women"

tENT loses touch of fast-moving conversation

tENT plays CD of:

"Prelude No. 17 ("Istanbul Fog") - mid 1960s - 3:55 ("Outstanding Warrants" CD) obviously 'atmospheric' w/ fog horns & bells

Rob mentions that he has a YouTube piece w/ a soundtrack like called "Brooklyn Bridge"

Amy leaves

tENT plays tape of:

"Piano Music for Performer and Composer" - 1966-67 - 7:42 ("Electronic Music III" LP - Berio; Druckman; Mimaroglu) ("Ilhan Mimaroglu Retrospective" K7) - George Flynn: piano

Hyla liked the denseness

tENT thought it was a typical 'it's ok to bash the piano now'


tENT plays a very brief bit of Dubuffet's "Musical Experiences": "Gai Savoir" b/c Mimaroglu produced it, released it, wrote the notes

Ben plays "Free Cell Block F, 'Tis Nazi U.S.A." by Charlie Mingus from around 1975 from "Charles Mingus: Changes Two" CD - Mimaroglu produced it

This turns out to be a 'pretty piece' that seems to have no reference to the radicalism of the title

Talking about a Mingus 20 minute movie ("Mingus") where Mingus is waiting for the police to evict him - at the end he gets carted away

Anthony talking about Dubuffet's prescience in relation to improv as manifested by AMM, etc..

tENT passes around album cover for next one

tENT plays CD-R (framed by his 'relax radio' pirate radio DJ voice) of:

"Sing a Song of Songmy" (w/ Freddie Hubbard) - 1971 - 40:56 ("Sing a Song of Songmy" LP) ("It's Always 6 O'Clock - SDR - 03" CD-R)

Rob leaves during this

sizzling bass solo by Art Booth

Amy reappears & leaves

tENT plays CD of:

"Letting a hundred flowers blossom..." - 1976 - 5:29 ("Outstanding Warrants" CD)

Mimaroglu's wife, Güngör, is the speaker


Ben plays George Flynn's 1st mvnt of his own

"Four Pieces For Violin & Piano" (1965) - produced by Mimaroglu, of course

Hyla says it reminds her of Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time"

Ben plays "Three Worlds of Drums" from Mingus' "Me Myself An Eye" LP (1978) - produced by Mimaroglu, of course (& Raymond Silva) - 1st drum solo by Joe Chambers (a personal favorite of tENT's)

END OF mm 16 - TO BE CONTINUED?  We didn't get to the '80s or '90s



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